I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times. Find more ways to create systems in your business. A system within a business can do a few things, including:

  1. Creating efficiency
  2. Giving you an ability to scale
  3. Giving you more free time. The most precious of all resources.

It’s easier to create more money through sales & marketing than it is to create more time. It’s near impossible to put more time in your day without the use of systems. Think about your accounting, payroll & HR. The list goes on. All the gurus out there talk about how a system can free you up and put fuel in your business to grow. Why does no-one ever talk about it when it comes to marketing? Think about the manual time you put into not only the acquisition of new customers, but also the retention and cultivation of your existing customer base. The investment of time takes you away from critical components of your business you can focus on to grow. Most people think marketing their business is hard. They find it difficult to use something that is going to consistently deliver results over and over again. This is the standard thinking.

When it comes to digital marketing you have an advantage when it comes to building a system that can consistently generate results. You can not only implement marketing strategies that drive acquisition, but you are also able to test and scale what you do with relative ease.

I know what you’re saying. Where the hell do I start? I don’t expect everyone out there to be an expert at digital marketing and have the tools and capabilities to setup a system that will deliver successful results. What you can do is start to think about your marketing strategically.

Think about how marketing can sit alongside the other critical functions in your business. It’s usually the last place you spend money and you normally only start to be aggressive when you need more customers or sales are drying up.  Money is always a factor, but uncertainty around where to turn plays a big part. You don’t need to spend a fortune. In fact setting up a system can lower ongoing marketing costs and increase the “effectiveness” of everything you do to acquire new customers. No marketing is certain, however you can setup a framework for success & you can track dollars and cents in black and white.

To build a system for your digital marketing that aligns to your overall business strategy we recommend doing the following:

It’s about money right? Can you generate a return?

We’ve run a few campaigns in our time and the #1 thing we hear from clients are things like:

“I’ve tried hundreds of different providers, ads and strategies all with the same outcome. This stuff doesn’t work”

“It’s so expensive and I ended up throwing money down the drain”

“I’ve really got no idea what they are actually doing every month”

We get it! This industry has some cowboys and typically most people get burned at least once or twice before they stumble onto someone that knows what they are talking about. What I tell clients is that you have the power in these discussions. You don’t need to know anything about marketing. You run a business and if it’s a somewhat successful one you normally know your numbers or someone inside your business does. Does it make sense financially to do it this way? Can you show me a return on investment? How do I monitor it and can you do it for me? That’s all you need to ask. If they can’t you need to be asking the question as to why.

Think about it logically. If you spend $1000 per month and it generates $10,000 worth of new business will you be happy. Find the number you’re happy with and if you can’t start there straight away build to it. Forecast your spend v return and think about the long term play with your marketing. Return on investment can be the biggest part of your system. Understanding the numbers and tracking outcomes means you are better informed to make decisions for the benefit of your business.

The biggest audience isn’t always the best

People always fall for this trap. We are going to drive an extra 1,000 visitors to your website every month. What do you think (for those that haven’t been burned before)? Wow, I can’t believe this many people are going to see me and my business. This is going to work for sure. We need to get ready for the phone to be ringing off the hook. What happens? Usually nothing, because unfortunately it’s not always the biggest audience that yields the best results. Before you start thinking about driving thousands of people to your website ask yourself these questions:

  1. I’m marketing my business. Are people going to be enticed to contact me and how do I differ from my competitors? What is my marketing hook?
  2. Have I questioned this audience and how they fit into the picture of my ideal customer? 5 high quality leads is much better than 20 average ones.
  3. How can you “funnel” buyers to where you want them to go

Some critical things you can implement as part of a system here are developing buyer personas, landing pages integrated into your website, the development of marketing sales funnels & the implementation of direct sales copy. Step back from looking at driving a huge audience and think about how you can implement strategy into your digital marketing to deliver consistent results. Sometimes you can pay a few thousand dollars and have a successful advertising campaign. Is it something that will work long term? What about the next time it doesn’t work? What will you do?

Automation creates efficiency and helps you scale

At this stage you may be starting to understand that I don’t want you to be an expert. I want you to have the right information to make meaningful decisions that drive bottom line outcomes for your business. There is no other reason you should be marketing other than to drive sales and new customers. If you know your ROI and your comfortable with what you’re going to be spending when marketing your business the next stage is to implement strategy into your marketing. Here we are talking about your offer, hooks, buyer personas, copywriting, landing pages, email & things like conversion optimisation. This is what you need experts for. Remember, you don’t need someone who claims to be the best at driving you traffic. You need solid, sound and strategic planning for your marketing. Once you have this foundation this is where a system can really boost your ROI & your business growth.

Automation within your business holds the key to everything. The less hands that touch a problem or a process the better the outcome is for you. It’s going to cost you less and put time and dollars into your back pocket. Automating leads, emails, marketing optimisation, funnels and more can give you the capability to spend more dollars on efficient traffic driver services and give you a meaningful base from which you can scale your marketing investment. Think back to your return on investment. As your system starts to automate your marketing you can track your ROI and grow much easier.

I’m a big believer in systems to achieve freedom within your business. Marketing is just another component of your business that you can automate as part of a system to lower ongoing costs & drive better outcomes. Think about if you have a digital marketing system in place and the confidence you will have as you start to engage people who sell supposed “digital marketing services”. When you start throwing out things like ROI, automation and a digital marketing system you have in place, it’s more than likely that over half of them will run away. They are looking for the quick win and the easy target. A small portion will understand but will try and force you to do it their way, while a select few will be on the same page as you.

If you run multiple systems in your business you will see the benefit of one for digital marketing. If you don’t see the value what I would recommend is taking to time to really audit the marketing you’re currently doing or thinking about doing. Become critical when you assess the spend v return. What things are being done that could save you money by being automated & integrated into your website. I’m sure there is a lot of them. Hopefully this has given you some tools you can use to take back to your marketing plan. If you need some help you can always request one of our free consultations together with an expert 12 months ROI digital marketing forecast here.