The very subtlety of Facebook advertising makes it an effective advertising medium that can attract more customers to your business. Generally viewed as benign, Facebook is primarily a tool of communication between friends and family; so seeing an ad as you scroll through chummy holiday snaps and loving messages posted by people you know is more akin to a word of mouth recommendation from someone you trust, especially if it has been liked or shared by one of your contacts. This provides an immediate advantage over traditional advertising mediums, which are much more impersonal.

Facebook ads stream seamlessly alongside personal posts

Facebook users actively read posts, treating each one with the same intensity. Ads appear seamlessly, so receive equal attention as posts from contacts. Reacting to an ad is all too easy for your potential customer. A simple click will share your ad with a new batch of potential clients, carrying the virtual recommendation of their close friend or colleague. Your ad can then direct clients to your website for purchasing, registering or inquiries, adding another contact for circular emails and other advertising strategies. Best of all, you can use Facebook’s own tools to track the progress of your ad, from the moment a potential customer sees the ad to them making a purchase from your website.

1.4 billion potential customers

At last count Facebook users totalled more than 1.4 billion – that is how many customers you can attract with a Facebook ad. The theory of six degrees of separation state that all humans are connected by less than six people. You can test this theory by scrolling through your contact list and see how many common friends you have that you didn’t realise were connected. This is how simply your ad can spread and attract customers.

Target your ideal customer

Facebook advertising lets you target your customer with as many specifics as you like. You can choose your audience broadly or create a custom list from your customer contact list complemented by Lookalike lists matched to your own best customers.

Using demographics, you can target your audience by gender, age, or location – postcode, country, region or just the area around your business. Other possible demographics include languages spoken and interests – information generously supplied by the Facebook users themselves, making targeting your perfect client simple.

Let your customers come to you

You can find the customers most likely to visit your website based on their behaviour or stage of life – whether they are planning to buy a home or car, have children, or purchase a new phone. Facebook will deliver your ads based on customers’ interests, likes and shares – as the ad is relevant, the Facebook user is more likely to read and react. You can also join with third party data partners, who will allow you access to information on your potential customers when they are not on Facebook, which helps drive offline sales and brand familiarity.

Facebook helps you monitor your advert effectiveness

Facebook doesn’t just leave you to work out if their advertising is effective or not. They provide conversion tracking letting you follow the activity once your ad has been seen. Inserting a Facebook pixel allows you to track actions, tell your customers what action to take and receive reports on how many people made purchases on your website specifically because of your Facebook ad.

If you don’t like it, change it

Facebook advertising is extremely flexible. Based on your results you can alter your advert on a weekly basis. To get the ad right, Facebook allows you to test your design with a split-ad testing tool that allows you to find which audience creates the best response.

Facebook users are a moving target

And let’s not forget the value of an audience with a mobile phone. With 1.19 billion mobile users, you can target your audience wherever they are and whatever they are doing – in their leisure moments, at lunch or on the train, as well as when working.

Facebook advertising makes sense

Overall, advertising on Facebook is a smart way for your business to acquire more customers. Facebook advertising is efficiently targeted, flexible and user friendly, as well as allowing you to monitor and track its effectiveness. Facebook is also continually adapting its services to improve its business model and is a medium that wants to both attract users to the site as well as increase customers to your business.

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