If you have a business usually a website is a critical component as it becomes the online face of your business and gives customers the opportunity to get a first impression of what you do and how you do it. Unfortunately many businesses don’t take the time to consistently review their website and make necessary changes to improve how customers perceive them when visiting their website but also how they can turn visitors into actual customers buying their products and using their services. Here are some simple tips that can help improve your website design, compliment your digital marketing campaign, boost your search engine optimisation and take advantage of your search engine marketing traffic. Ultimately it comes down to how you present your business in the form of your website, what functionality you require and how you can use your website as a tool to increase conversions & sales.

Always Think Mobile First

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times by now about how you need to be mobile friendly and you need to ensure your website stacks up when viewed across multiple devices. It isn’t just a nice thing to have anymore. It is a must have for a few reasons:

1) Statistics now show that internet usage on mobiles is growing every year with bigger screens and more opportunities to access products, services and businesses online from your pocket.

2) Google now takes into account how mobile friendly your website is when ranking sites on mobile devices. If you aren’t mobile friendly your rankings will now suffer

3) It should always come back to keeping your customers happy. Accessibility and useability will dictate whether they want to use your service or product. If you don’t make it easy for a customer or potential customer they will simply go to one of your competitors.

Keep Your Branding Consistent

The biggest thing we see when people create a website is that they don’t keep their branding consistent especially as their business changes and evolves over time. Your brand is the key to the identity of your business and it’s important to keep that fresh and consistent online. This means that your website should be aligned with your social profiles and if you update your physical branding make sure you do the same online. Colours, typography and the images you use should be thought out and aligned with your businesses brand and style.

Know Your Stuff? Share It Through Content

You may be a leader in your industry and you may also have some untapped knowledge that differentiates you from your competitors. What’s one of the best ways to get customers? Use that knowledge and information and create useful, interesting and informative content that people will be searching and looking for. People constantly type questions into Google as they are looking for answers and solutions to their problems. Not only can you build authority for your website, you can also become a knowledge leader in your industry and it’s a perfect way to engage and acquire new customers. Running a simple blog and keeping it updated regularly will not only keep your website fresh it will also help with your search engine optimisation and give you a variety of sources to share on social media.

Focus On Conversions

The best way to improve your website is to focus on opportunities to increase conversions. There are some simple things you can do that can potentially improve your conversions:

1) Create a call to action on every page – you want people to do something when they visit every page on your website whether this be directing them to your contact page or signing up for your newsletter for further marketing opportunities.

2) Ever thought about a live chat? Are you running a marketing campaign where you will have consistent traffic? Implement a live chat so you can try and engage these visitors. It may give you an advantage over your competitors if you can reach these customers early and try and solve their problem or answer their question

3) Give your visitors something, whether it be a free book download or a special discount or offer. It is an easy way to entice a potential customer to engage with your business.

Conversions are the key to the success of your website and make sure you implement conversion tracking so you can monitor and analyse the results of implementing any conversion improvements.

Get a Professional to Redesign Your Website

There are loads of do it yourself website builders out there, however most of the time these create more problems than the money you save. If you are really looking for a website that can deliver results for your business and create a good first time impression use a professional who understand your industry and what will potentially deliver results, more customers & increased sales.

We hope these 5 tips will help you improve your website and assist in creating a seamless experience for your customers online. Got any other tips? Comment below.

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