Finding an honest, reliable and trustworthy SEO company can seem like a daunting task. A quick Google search is likely not the best answer due to the many ‘black hat’ practitioners interlaced in the ranks of genuine companies. Before you go signing up for any SEO services, create a shortlist of providers and check them against this list of five simple tips for finding a reliable SEO company.

1. Avoid secret recipes for success

If a qualified representative of the company cannot tell you the tactics they are putting in place to achieve solid search engine rankings for your website and instead eludes to a secret combination that no other SEO company knows, show them the door. These practitioners are often either unskilled and behind on current SEO techniques or implementing techniques that may get you results now, but are likely to wind up getting you penalised in the future. The only people that know something that absolutely no one else knows in regards to SEO are the people at Google.

2. Look for an SEO company that also provides content marketing

Since the release of Google Panda in 2011 everyone who’s anyone in SEO and online marketing knows that unique, quality content is the key to ongoing SEO success. If a company tells you otherwise, they are in it for your money and are unlikely to have your business’s success at heart. Always ask about the importance of unique content and unless the answer includes statements like “Content is King” or “It is a MUST”, scratch them off your list.

3. Keep an eye on what they are saying

Continuing the topic of content, if an SEO provider isn’t keeping their own media and blog up to date with news on the latest updates to algorithms or providing insight into how to successfully market your business online, it’s likely they won’t be up to the task of actually marketing and optimising your website.

4. Remember the adage ‘You get what you pay for’

Seeking out cost effective solutions is one thing, but skimping on SEO and assuming you’ll get page one, position one rankings for 100 keywords for just $9.95 a month is asking for trouble. SEO is not a simple join-the-dots, step 1-2-3 process that you can just expect to work. SEO takes time, skill and perseverance. If you’re paying a pittance for SEO services, it’s likely you’ll get a pittance of real, business generating results in return.

5. Backlinks are not the only answer

Contrary to popular belief, backlinks and citations only get you so far. While quality backlinks and citations can be the backbone of an SEO strategy, they should not be the main focus. Putting all of your eggs in one basket leaves you at risk for penalisation in the future, ask anyone who suffered from a sudden drop in rankings after April 2012 when Google’s Penguin update penalised poor links from irrelevant websites.

By assessing your shortlist using these tips, you will be much closer to hiring an SEO company that can generate quality traffic for your website. Here at Whitecrow Digital, we are passionate about providing SEO using strategies that won’t get you penalised. We also offer a suite of other online marketing services to ensure no single aspect of your marketing mix falls behind.

To talk to a team member or to enquire about any of our services, please call us on 1300 557 338.

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