If you are like most business owners you are struggling with spreading your time between generating new sales, managing employees, looking after existing customers and being the master of many hats. Your website usually falls to the back of the pile of things on your to do list. Many businesses usually know that their website needs a makeover or new functionality but they don’t know when the right time to do it is. Your website is one of your best marketing tools and the rapid pace at which things change online means that your website can become outdated very quickly. Here are some sure fire things that are an indication that it is time to build and design that new website.

Your Customers Keep Telling You?

How many times do you have a customer come in or call you on the phone and say I couldn’t find anything on your website. Do you do this or sell this? Imagine how many customers aren’t calling you and just go to a competitor that has the information on their website. A redesign isn’t just about the way your website looks. It’s also about functionality & content. These two things are just as important to potential visitors as how your website looks. You may even have customers telling you that they don’t like your website or they find it difficult to use. If your customers are telling you this then you should listen and start researching how you can make your website better.

Your Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly

We always stress the importance of having a mobile friendly website. Why? Because more and more customers are now using mobile to search for products and services. This means that if your website isn’t optimised for mobile and easy for customers to use they will simply close your website and move onto one of your competitors. Google is also making responsive/mobile friendly design a factor for mobile rankings. If you’re website isn’t mobile friendly your Google rankings will suffer on mobile devices. Not only can you improve or sustain your mobile rankings but your customers will also thank you for providing a functional website that is easy to use. Your opportunity to convert visitors into sales and enquiries will increase.

Your Brand Doesn’t Match Your Website

Many businesses continually evolve their brand over time which includes updating their logo, merchandise, print and media advertising. They often forget that their website is an important cog in their overall marketing plan. If your website doesn’t match your branding you may confuse potential customers and create a disconnect between your physical and online marketing. Make sure that if you are advertising anywhere that your website is aligned with your brand because the first thing people will do when they see an advertisement is Google your business name and check out your website. Don’t lose potential business because your website isn’t up to scratch.


Depending on the type of business you run there are multiple opportunities to take advantage of being online and using your website as the vehicle to drive new business. You may be a retail outlet that can easily expand into the world of e-commerce by upgrading your website. You may be the top source of information in your industry and by creating a blog you can drive new traffic and customers. You may want to automate access to downloadable forms & content for existing customers. The list goes on for the potential reasons you can take advantage of a new website.

Remember, redesigning your website doesn’t only have to be about upgrading the way your website looks. There are multiple reasons why you should upgrade your website regularly to stay up to date with current trends and maintain a strong impression on your existing and potential customers.

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