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Why It's Important

As a user of Google you probably realise that when you search for something you don’t typically scroll past the first page or even the first few results. Why? People believe that the first few results are the most relevant to their search and the most trustworthy. The majority of people searching won’t go past page one. As a business if you aren’t there it’s likely that one of your competitors is. We specialise in developing search campaigns that deliver visibility, traffic, rankings & conversions.


Showing up on page one is great, but you need to make sure you are showing up for the most appropriate keywords that will generate the right type of customer. The appropriate visibility for your website starts with the correct research, content & keyword planning.


Typically good organic rankings should result in an increase in website traffic. Having more traffic and the right traffic are two things that should go hand in hand. Having the correct strategy involves creating the right content that will drive traffic with a high potential to convert.


What Is Involved?

SEO involves the process of both on-page and off-page optimisation. What this means is that the structure and code of your website is important. Your content and it’s value & usefulness is also important. Google will view your website as being more valuable when these factors are optimised which can in turn lead to higher rankings where your potential customers are able to easily find you.

If your competitors are outranking you it’s more than likely that your customers will find them instead of you. Positioning your business on the first page of Google will deliver an audience to your website & enable your potential customers to find you first. The journey doesn’t end once your rankings improve. Our SEO consultants go that extra mile with detailed analytics reporting, return on investment calculations & conversion optimisation strategy development. Talk to one of our SEO specialists in Sydney and Newcastle to see how we can help take your website and grow it’s online visibility.

We Measure Everything

Any agency you deal with should always be able to provide you with clear cut reporting on how your rankings have moved, what impact has been made to your traffic and how that has impacted your conversions. We take time to align your reporting with your business & customer acquisition goals to provide you with a complete overview and a return on investment calculation to identify what your spend is doing. This information helps us make better decisions together on where to invest resources & how this will affect your overall strategy.


We realise that performance is important and we identify key metrics to report on & measure over time. We don’t provide guarantees as we don’t control Google and we can only use best practice techniques to put you in the best position to be successful.

Return On Investment

As a business cost management and measurement is an important part of becoming and staying successful and profitable. We provide an ROI calculation based on lead generation as part of your reporting to identify what SEO can do for your bottom line.


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