Are you reaching all the customers you could be? Through social media we can tap a whole new audience base that we may have never had a chance to interact with otherwise. Connecting through social media is a friendly way to invite customers to your business – if done right.

But how do you find these customers in the first place? We’ve come up with 15 tips to help you reach new clientele through social media.

Tip one: Use the social media platform that’s right for your customers.

If you were to hand out flyers, would you select a specific location you know your customers frequent? Yes, you probably would, as this would be a clever marketing strategy. Social media targeting is the same. Figure out what social media platform your customers would use. Do you think they are more prevalent on Facebook or Twitter? Google+ or Instagram? Once you know where your customers will be, you’ll have a much better chance at being able to contact them.

Tip two: Publish content that connects with your customers

Don’t post on social media willy-nilly. Know your audience and curate content to suit their needs. Are they inspired by beautiful photographs? Do they need tips and advice with their business? Are they interested in how to guides? To start, test a few different content ideas with your social media audience. Once you find something that your customers love, keep going at it and you’ll soon be attracting new customers.

Tip three: Create a social media strategy

Just like when you create a regular marketing campaign, compile a social media strategy with goals and objectives so that you can effectively target new customers.

Tip four: Don’t forget the details

On all the profiles of your chosen social media platforms, make sure you include information about your business and link it back to your website so that customers can contact you directly with any queries.

Tip five: Incorporate your branding

Make sure your branding is present in both your social media strategy and in your about us sections of your social media sites so that you maintain a consistent identity. For example, use the same profile imaging.

Tip six: Consider your tone

When targeting your customers, make sure your company’s voice is consistent and suited to the social media platform. LinkedIn is more formal than Twitter, for example. Tailor your voice to suit.

Tip seven: Monitor movements

Make sure you track what is happening within your social media community. If a potential customer mentions your business or product, make sure you follow up with them to see if you can offer help or advice. By being quick to reply, you might just win yourself a new customer.

Tip eight: Make sure you listen

This tip ties in heavily with tip seven. You want to make sure you take on board all feedback so your business can improve and to ensure you are getting your messages across.

Tip nine: Don’t forget to share

Customers love getting knowledge and advice that is helpful to them, so don’t be afraid to impart your knowledge over social media. Try not to keep your company’s success stories a secret. By sharing what you did to achieve something, others can learn from you and will be grateful for your advice. This will help to establish you as an authority figure, winning you new business.

Tip ten: Keyword optimisation is key

By using keywords that are relevant to your business, you will be able to reach customers who are looking at services and products like yours. Research both keywords and hashtags and use them to attract more clientele.

Tip eleven: Give something away for free

By hosting competitions and offering something wonderful to give away for free, your fans and followers on social media will thank you. This can help you to easily attract a larger following and help you to get the word out there about your business.

Tip twelve: Don’t sit idle

Once you’ve created your social media platforms, make sure you are active on them. You don’t want potential clients to think your business has died. If you don’t have time to manage the social media accounts yourself, find someone to do it for you.

Tip thirteen: Use emotion

Treat your audience like the human beings they are by tapping in to their emotions. Cut the formal speak and talk to them in a conversational tone on social media.

Tip fourteen: Be inspirational

Inspire your social media followers to act on your posts. Inspire them to act immediately. If you stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds they will be more likely to buy from you. Give away an e-book or report to encourage them to sign up to your newsletter so you can stay in touch.

Tip fifteen: Measure your success

It’s great to go back and check your progress to make sure you are making the right steps to grow your social media following. You can do this through Google Analytics to analyse the traffic coming from your social media channels to your website. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook also have their own analytics which are easy to use and informative. If something is not working, change what you’re doing.

And there you have it – 15 tips to help you to attract more customers through social media. Good luck!

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