You’ve probably been there before. Suddenly you realise it’s time for a new website. You may have some updated content you need to change, a new product or service or your website may simply be outdated. Typically most people have had some kind of bad experience when building a new website, whether it’s not doing exactly what you want or taking too long to create. To avoid many of the complications that come with a website build we have some tips to help you cover the most important things you should be thinking of. We’re sure you have your own list of things you may think are important. Hopefully these can help your next project run smoothly.

Get more than one quote

If you are investing in building a website it pays to reach out to multiple companies to find out what the difference in price is. Normally you are likely to get what you pay for. If you are looking for a cheap alternative you may have to deal with issues around communication, project scope and delivery. Getting a diverse range of quotes allows you to compare the differences in prices and what you will get. It also gives you the opportunity to negotiate pricing and allow you to potentially get a better deal with a company or person you are leaning towards.

Clearly define your project scope

Too many times people know they want a new website but don’t know much more than that. If you’re struggling to decide on the direction of your new website ask your website designer to become more collaborative in the process. What do they suggest? It can be a question that will yield new ideas and answers to questions you’ve been struggling to answer. Make sure you define exactly from the start what will be included in the project. If you need a blog, newsletter subscription or social media integration make sure you include this from the start. You don’t want to be stung with additional costs when you are part way through the build.

Be clear about what is included and excluded

Make sure you talk to the company undertaking the project to understand exactly what is included and what is excluded. There may be something you think is automatically included that isn’t so it’s best to spell this out from the start of the project. A simple example may be the creation of a contact form on your website. Although this is a common inclusion on any website you may find the company you’re dealing with may deem this as additional work. If the expectations are clear from the start you know exactly where you stand.

Provide all the information at the start of the project

Delays and stoppages during a project are a cause of frustration on both sides. To eliminate any issues around the website build stopping and starting make sure you provide all the accurate and relevant information you are able to at the start of the project. If you can do this it will reduce any headaches. If you don’t have images ask the company you are working with for a cost effective way to include stock images or purchased photos.

Keep the communication open

Communicate constantly with your website development company by asking for defined milestones and then follow up when they come due or are missed. If you keep them on their toes they won’t forget about your project or push it too far into the work in progress pile. Be realistic with your expectations and look at your web designer as a partner in the delivery of your project. Whatever you can do to make their job easier will benefit you in the long run.

Hopefully these tips will help get your new website built quicker. We’d love to hear how you handle the development of your projects, so feel free to comment below.

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