Creating, crafting and publishing content online can be time consuming and difficult. It also has many benefits for your website but also your business in general. Content or inbound marketing has become a hot trend in the digital world with many businesses now spending large amounts of time and money creating amazing content to attract and entice visitors & customers and ultimately drive conversions. We know it’s important to create content for your website but in reality who has the time especially as a small business owner to create content for your website on a consistent basis. 9 out of 10 people would typically say they don’t have the time or worry if the investment of time will deliver results.

When creating a content strategy you should be thinking hard about addressing a need or solving a problem. Think about your customer base and your audience & how your content will engage them, drive social sharing and be a useful piece of information that people want to read. Just like every other marketing plan you implement you should have a specified goal and how you are going to achieve it. Creating amazing content that is specialised to your industry or niche can allow you to gain a competitive advantage and become the expert or leader in your field. One of the best examples of content marketing boosting a product to success is the story of Mint. They grew to 1.5 million users in just over 2 years thanks in large part to their easy to use product but also the content marketing strategy they implemented based around finance and managing your money.

So the question ultimately comes down to how do you create that stand out content that will set you apart from your competitors, help you rank highly on Google and generate leads. Here are some simple tips that can help you become a better content marketer.

Build a foundation of good topics that form a content plan

Make sure you research topics and ideas to see what people are searching for. Use the Google Keyword Planner Tool to identify longtail keywords and potentially high traffic, low competition search terms that can form an article topic. Make sure every article you create is part of your overall plan and is contributing to your message.

Structure is important

Make sure you structure all of your content in a similar way. One of the best ways to create great content for your website is by coming up with a catchy headline. This has two fold effect in that in can entice people to read your article and it can also stand out amongst the crowd of search terms on Google. Some examples may be “Seven Cars You Must Drive Before You Die”, “The Secrets To Success With Four Simple Tips”. Make sure the headline is relevant and on topic and incorporates some of the keywords you are targeting as part of your overall plan. Don’t stop with the headline. Make sure you include an image, structured information on your topic, ask for feedback and include an option for social sharing

Check out your competitors

It is essential to know what are your competitors doing? Are they running a blog and if so what kind of content are they creating? Are they missing vital information that you could be sharing? Make sure you review your competitors and ask yourself these questions. Think about how you can do things better then them and start to create your content plan.

Online tools to help you with ideas

There are some tools available online that can help you come up with interesting blog titles and topics if you are stuck for ideas. HubSpot have a blog topic generator that can help you overcome that writers block when thinking of content you want to create. Remember to stick to your plan and utilise keywords that are part of your overall plan.

Use a copywriter

Stuck for time and don’t have the energy, resources or skills to create your own content. This is the case for a lot of people who run a website so don’t despair. There are thousands of great content writers, copywriters and blog specialists online that you can outsource your work to. A small investment in terms of dollars can help your blog on the way to being full of well written content that is on topic and delivering value to your readers.

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