Getting more likes on your business’s Facebook page is a key metric for the success of your strategy on social media. More likes means increased engagement, helping to build wider brand awareness and strengthening the relationship you have with your audience or customers.

But it’s common for the numbers to plateau, and it can be frustrating when you have a great product or service that’s not getting as many thumbs up as it should.

So to help you jump this hurdle and get more Facebook likes, we’ve put together some quick tips on how you can tweak your page to bring more clicks.

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Change your attitude

The most important thing to realise with Facebook likes is that they are an indication of popularity, not confirmation of a sale or support. You can have 10,000 Facebook likes and still see no real bump in your sales or online engagement metrics.

If you’re frustrated by the lack of likes, remember that it’s about quality, not quantity.

Each of your Facebook likes should be an engaged customer or audience member that supports what you do and tells others about it. One of this kind of Facebook likes is better than a hundred others who clicked because they like your logo!

Getting more Facebook likes of the right kind should be your priority. You need to build an audience that supports your business goals and is engaged with its direction and vision, and from here on in, our focus will be on tactics and methods to bring these likes to your page.

Put your best foot forward

Many businesses have a Facebook profile page that is uninspiring; with basic information, a few pictures here and there, they’re essentially classified adverts on Facebook.

Your Facebook page should be as detailed and engaging as your regular website. A high quality profile and cover picture, snappy copy for the description and some sharp photos will set your page up to attract the right audience’s likes.

And don’t stop there. Add as much information to the page as you can – website URL, street address, phone number, and hours of operation. This information is great for the Google search mill and will make it much more prominent online.

Need some inspiration? Here are some of the best Facebook pages around. Take what you can from them to mould your Facebook profile

Have something interesting to say

Facebook is a social network that encourages people to share and discover things from their lives. It’s vital that your business presents itself within this frame, providing entertaining and interesting content that informs people.

Videos, articles, blogs, pictures, tasteful jokes: the list of stuff you can put on your company’s Facebook page is as large as your imagination.

Also, it pays to post content that’s not always directly related to your company. If all you put up are adverts and articles directly linked to your brand, your audience will get bored. But if you provide a variety of content, they will be engaged, and more receptive to the marketing messages you seed carefully.

For example, an auto mechanic could post ten articles about new cars, tyre reviews and motorsport news, with a few pieces of advertising content here and there. This mix shows that the auto mechanic is engaged with their field of expertise, giving its marketing messages more authority.

The bottom line is that Facebook uses algorithms to track user engagement, rewarding content that’s popular. The more interesting things you put up, the more exposure you’ll get, and the higher the chance of attracting more likes becomes.

Always post and always promote

A Facebook page should be active – use it or lose it. If you want your audience to be engaged, then it’s vital to engage with them regularly. Facebook’s algorithms reward pages that post new content, so make sure yours is always fresh.

There’s no firm rule on how often you should post, but most advice settles on posting at least three times a week. If your page is active, you will be more likely to attract new likes and retain the existing thumbs ups that you’ve earned.

A great way to enhance your regular posting is by using Facebook’s Page Insights service to analyse when your audience is online, and tailor your marketing strategy to post new content at peak times.

In addition to having an active Facebook page, it’s vital that you promote it at every opportunity. Make sure that it’s referred to on your company stationery such as your email signature, marketing materials, business cards – anything and everything that is client facing.

The more you promote, the more chances you’ll have to win more Facebook likes.

Pay to play

Finally, you can pay to bring in more Facebook likes. Now, this isn’t about buying fake likes. It’s about using Facebook’s advertising and promotional products to maximise your exposure to audiences and target specific messages.

By putting better content online more regularly, researching your audience and promoting your page at every opportunity, you can place yourself in a position where paid Facebook advertising will bring good results.

Facebook allows you to target specific audiences with advertising that always includes the option to like your page. You can pay to boost the prominence of the posts you add to your page, or simply promote the page itself. Through paid advertising, you can cut through quickly and establish a great return on investment.

We hope these quick tips on getting more Facebook likes will put you on the path to creating an engaged online community. Remember, it’s about quality, not quantity – and if you get the content right, the numbers could rise higher than you’d ever expected.

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