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Get To Know Your List

One of the best resources you have available to market to existing and potential customers is email. Done effectively this channel can improve customer retention, increase customer acquisition and boost your in-store and online sales. The hard part is knowing how and when to market to your list of customers. We’re experienced with email marketing design, development and optimisation to ensure you are getting the most out of your email lists.

List Building

List building is the first step in developing an email campaign that results in leads and engagement. If you’re generating the wrong type of person opting in initially it’s likely you will struggle to build a campaign that will be effective in the long term. Plan your acquisition & know your list so your emails can be successful.


As you are building your email database and you start to learn more and more about what each person in your list responds to you should start to segment it. This will allow you to develop more refined and targeted content that is specific to their needs. Segmentation should be matched off with useful content to solve problems.

Campaign Management

Managing an email campaign is a time consuming task. We get involved in reviewing your lists and list building techniques. We also look at potential segmentation opportunities to refine your messaging. Lastly we look at the type of content you send out and how it can be improved and potentially automated so it’s more effective.


When reviewing or undertaking a plan for your email marketing we analyse your existing email campaigns if they are in place before preparing a strategy document. This plan allows you to see where there are opportunities to take advantage of.


How successful your campaign is and what results it generates for your business are measurable. We use reporting to assess how content is performing via email, your subscriber burn rate, list growth and conversion performance.

Why Is Your List So Valuable?

A database of emails is a valuable resource that should be used with a clear & concise strategy in place. Targeted email marketing can boost sales & ensure your business remains front and centre during your customer’s important decision making moments.

Emails should be considered a valuable resource for your business because good quality potential customers are hard to find. If you have a list of them you have a channel to market to them. While your list is highly valuable the way you send them content & what you send to them will dictate whether or not you can generate success from it.

When building an email campaign you should focus on what type of content your customers or potential customers would want to know. Can you solve any of their current problems with your products & services? How can you do that in the form of content? As an example you could use an explainer video on how a new product you’ve released as an introduction into talking about the product as opposed to coming in with the hard sell. Crafting and delivering valuable content that has the potential to convert via email isn’t easy. We can help your business make the most of your email list and drive results.

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Drive value from your email list & campaigns

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