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This is why you’re  not getting the customers you deserve

(…and why so many smart, hardworking people like you will go out of business in 2018)

Hi, my name is Josh Barter, founder of Whitecrow Digital, and although we’ve never met, I can safely assume 3 things about you:


No matter how hard you try, your competitors seem to be getting ahead, while you’re struggling to stay above water.


You’re afraid of wasting more time and money on generic marketing advice that doesn’t work for your business.


You often feel overwhelmed about digital marketing, don’t know where to start, and feel like you’re just stabbing in the dark most of the time.

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I know this, because that’s exactly how my clients describe their frustrations about marketing online when we first meet. 

If you bring a knife to a gunfight, it’s going to end badly for you.

In the past, marketing was simple — all you needed was a cool website, a great offer and a slick advertising campaign to bring in customers.

Today, the game has changed…

  • Competition is rife in every industry.
  • Advertising costs are rising.
  • There’s more red tape, rules and regulations.
  • Your customers are more distracted and skeptical than ever.

All of this means one thing — marketing your business is harder than ever, and it’s never going to get easier.

To keep the doors open and lights on in your business, you need to bring serious marketing firepower to the table.

For example…  

Here’s the good news —

digital marketing doesn’t have to be hard, or risky, or time consuming. Just ask any of my clients, who have been using my “hybrid” marketing system to get game—changing results for their businesses.

Such as Destinations Africa who doubled their sales in 12 months.

Macquarie York who pulled in 100 new leads in just 60 days.

And Illawarra’s Roofing Solutions who generated $50,000 in new sales leads over 90 days.

It may seem impossible right now, but if you have a product or service that people want, then I truly believe my agency’s approach can help you get these types of results too.

First, you must understand something…

Most marketing agencies will put you out of business. Seriously.

The problem with most marketing agencies is money. I’ve seen people spend thousands of dollars per month on agency fees without knowing exactly what they’re getting. For many, that’s either impossible, or downright dangerous.

And worse — with most agencies, you’re handing over the keys to your business to people you barely know — putting your entire livelihood and private data in their hands.

It would be fine if these agencies cared about your business, or whether you can afford to feed your kids tonight. But behind closed doors, they often don’t.

How can I say that?

Because if they did care about your bottom line, they would focus on getting you a positive ROI — instead of wasting your money on useless things you can’t take to the bank, such as likes, followers, clicks, rankings or shares.

At Whitecrow Digital, we have a far safer, affordable and effective option that focuses on nothing but your positive ROI — the same approach that has taken our clients from zero to six figures or more, in record time.

It’s called…


Digitalconnect combines a personalised digital marketing system integrated with “Done for You” services, to win customers in any economy, and in any industry.

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It’s more affordable than most agencies —

we offer a personalised system to help you breeze through your marketing without spending $150 per hour on agencies.

It’s more effective than books, webinars, seminars or coaches —

we setup a marketing system that get results fast, without guesswork, and without spending years in the classroom. You simply don’t need it.

It’s basically foolproof

by combining a proven system, along with hands—on assistance when you need it, our program cuts down typical agency costs and puts you in control, but still has your back when you need it.

Here’s what you get…

Which means, you get the best of both worlds:

Fully customised assessment and support that’s tailored to your business, industry, goals and budget, showing you exactly what to do, when to do it and why.

No more generic information that doesn’t apply to you. Just follow the exact steps we design for your business, and leave the rest behind.

Customised, proven system to save years of learning, guesswork, trial and error.

We’ll provide time saving strategies implemented and running that work just for you, all specifically designed to boost your ROI and bottom line profits.

Exclusive access to all our proprietary tracking tools, allowing you to breeze through each step of your custom marketing plan quickly and easily.

No more wasting time and money searching for “magic” tools you don’t need, or that don’t deliver on their promises.

One—to—one support and “Done for You” setup, implementation & integration from our team of experts to handle the tricky stuff.

No more searching job boards for freelancers, or spending days trying to solve a frustrating problem.

An automated system that that allows you to increase the effectiveness of your website or existing marketing campaigns. You can also drive leads and sales inhouse or by yourself, without hiring experts. This system works that well.

Professional, hands—on setup & implementation for tasks that require specialist skills, freeing up your time and getting results faster.

This is how our clients have doubled and tripled their profits in record time!

We had been through a few digital marketing companies before we came across the team at Whitecrow Digital. We had limited success previously and to be honest we were sceptical to keep going. From our initial discussion I knew they were different. The focus was always on how we can get the greatest return from our marketing spend. We now have the support of a system that has increased our leads and sales for a lot less than we were spending before. It has been one of the best investments our business has ever made. I encourage anyone thinking about marketing online to talk to these guys first.

Trades & Construction

Managing Director

We’ve seen results across all kinds of industries, including...

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Real estate



Trades and construction

High growth businesses

Service based businesses


And more

Here’s exactly how our system can help you reach your full profit potential…

Digital marketing forecast

Valued at $550

Login to your forecast dashboard to instantly and accurately track the ROI from your marketing. Build a forecast to demonstrate what you’re prepared to spend and what kind of ROI that spend will bring. Build multiple forecasts and track against real world results. Keep service providers honest and always know what your marketing is generating. Everything should always start and finish with ROI.

Expert agency level tracking and reporting

Valued at $350

Login to your own agency level tracking dashboard and easily keep track of your entire digital presence in one simple screen. Our training also makes it easy to continually track and measure your marketing campaigns. With weekly, month and quarterly reports we show you the things that matter and why you should review them.

ROI training and tracking

Valued at $2,000

We’ll show you easy ways to track your ROI, and apply this to existing marketing strategies or new campaigns we’ll create together. Instantly make your marketing more profitable, and stop bleeding cash with this simple video series aligned to your ROI dashboard and forecast.

Direct sales copywriting

Valued at $3,000

The offer and how you deliver it to your audience is critical. It can be the difference in improved conversion rates. Well thought out and sales driven copy will have your campaigns performing at their best. Our expert copywriting is proven to boost conversion rates and deliver consistent, quality leads.

Your own personalised digital marketing forecast

Valued at $1,000

We provide you with a personalised forecast for your business setup by an expert, allowing you to start tracking your actual ROI, and get critical insights to help you manage and run highly effective, high ROI marketing campaigns.

Funnel strategy setup & implementation

Valued at $2,500

With rising advertising costs, funnels are critical for positive ROI. We’ll give you a strategic, personalised funnel to instantly boost profits on every sale, while setting you apart from the competition. Works seamlessly with new and existing campaigns. We setup multiple funnels aligned to your business to deliver ongoing and consistent results.

High converting landing pages

Valued at $5,500

Landing pages are essential for turning traffic into subscribers, leads and sales. An effective landing page will slash your advertising costs, ramp up your ROI, and help you reach your sales targets faster than anything else we know. We’ll create the layout and sales content, based on what really works. We’ll even publish them online for you, and integrate them with your current website and advertising campaigns. We create unlimited landing pages and align them to your campaigns and funnels.

Offer & marketing hooks

Valued at $500

The right offer, and the right “hook” (or marketing angle) will turn struggling campaigns into unstoppable money makers. We specialise in understanding your audience and create the pitch, hook and offer to close down the competition and reel your customers in.

6-month email automation content

Valued at $1,500

Our email automation series allows you to automatically follow up with leads, to build trust and close sales like clockwork for an entire 6 months. We’ll tailor it for your business so you can enjoy incredible response rates & leads from this cost effective channel.

Ecommerce email automation content

Valued at $1,000

Do you run an e-commerce store? This expert automation will ensure your leads and customers are getting timely and relevant emails that will build your brand, win trust, and drive even more sales for your store.

6-month email reactivation and referrals content

Valued at $500

Turn a stagnant list of leads and “cold prospects” into highly engaged, hungry customers who are ready to buy, or refer their friends. If you already have a list of old leads, you could be sitting on tens of thousands of dollars. If you’re just getting started, this will make sure your new leads don’t go to waste.

“Post pitch” email automation

Valued at $500

This ready—made email automation sequence gently reminds your leads about your offer, long after your original pitch. The average customer needs to see an offer at least 9 times before making a buying decision. This follow up process keeps your service—based offer front and center in their mind until they’re ready to buy, using different angles to appeal to different types of people, and different buying triggers in the brain.

Email automation setup and implementation

Valued at $750

Save hours of confusion and let us set up your email automation for you. We’ll link up your emails to work seamlessly with whatever you’re currently doing, allowing you to effortlessly collect leads, automatically follow up, and close more sales. Forget about fancy campaigns and time spent creating content. Everything is automated and aligned to your business goals.

Facebook audience targeting

Valued at $250

Facebook Ads can be a huge waste of time and money if you’re targeting the wrong people. We’ll remove the guesswork and stress, and instantly make your ads more profitable, by setting up the perfect target audiences for your Facebook ads. We dig deep using assessment of your buyer personas and use our expert team to create the perfect audience.

Display banner designs

Valued at $300

Display banners are a powerful tool for advertising to people who have shown interest in your business (this is known as remarketing.) Display banner ads are highly effective for sending prospects back to your website for pennies on the dollar.

Lead magnet creation - e-book, webinar, whitepaper

Valued at $1,000

Lead magnets give people a reason to enter their email and join your list. They also position you as an authority, and can even presell your offers for you too. We know how to create the kind of e-books, whitepapers and webinars that your visitors want, and that will presell your stuff like you’ve never seen before. And you don’t need to lift a finger — we do all the writing, editing and formatting, saving you weeks of work.

Facebook audience setup for re-marketing and lookalikes

Valued at $250

Remarketing is a great way to reach people who didn’t respond first time on Facebook. The key is to make sure your remarketing ads are reaching the right people. We’ll take care of creating the perfect remarketing audience on Facebook for you, so you can reach people who are most likely to buy. Lookalike audiences are people who match your existing buyers. We’ll set up your lookalike audience for you too, so you can reach even more dream customers from day one.

12 month lead magnet Facebook Ad set up schedule - includes copy, visuals & targeting

Valued at $3,000

If you run the same Ad on Facebook each week, people will start to “tune out” and ignore you. This is called ad blindness. The secret is having a constant supply of new ads to rotate in your ad campaigns. That’s why we create an entire 12 months of Facebook ads for you to rotate, including copy, visuals and complete set up for you. Simply turn it on and it will start bringing you traffic on autopilot. You can also follow our expert Facebook ad template to create your own profitable ads for years to come!

Google analytics setup & optimisation

Valued at $1,000

Confused by Google Analytics? We’ll show you the simple things that matter, and what you can safely ignore. We’ll also help set up your tracking and conversion goals, and show you how to use Google Analytics reports to see what’s working on your website and within your marketing campaigns, and what you need to change to boost your ROI. We can even setup event tracking — see exactly which webpage or advert is generating phone calls, and so much more!

12-month content plan

Valued at $500

From ads to your website, you need to offer people a reason to click, especially on social media where people don’t like being ‘sold to’. That’s where content comes in. Our experts will create a customized 12-month content creation plan for your business, showing you what to create, when to create it, and why. We’ll even create the headlines for each piece of content, to make sure you’re getting clicks and proper SEO benefits.

Google Tag Manager setup

Valued at $1,000

With Google Tag Manager, you can put all your tracking scripts in one easy location. This means that all you need on your website is one piece of code, which makes everybody’s life easier! Don’t worry — if you’re not sure what tracking is, or how it works, we can take care of it. We’ll set up all your tracking needs, from Facebook to Google and more.

Facebook content and advertising plan

Valued at $500

Ramp up your ROI with tailored tips and advice that you can use on existing or new Facebook ad campaigns from day one. Your plan is specific to your business, goals and budget. Save years of stress and thousands of dollars on underperforming Facebook marketing.

3 content pieces for use on your blog

Valued at $300

Kick start your marketing with 3 fresh pieces of unique content, ready to be shared across social media, through paid ads, or via your email newsletters. They’re also great for getting seen in Google and picking up some free search engine traffic too!

Google AdWords plan

Valued at $500

We give you a full recommendation plan that includes potential keyword targeting, potential cost, impression share, clickthrough’s and conversions. You’ll know your numbers before you start — never waste time and money on “blind campaigns” again.

Website audit

Valued at $500

Add a link here, move a form there and watch your conversion rates skyrocket. Simple and easy to understand language and even easier to implement. This website audit scans your entire website, page by page, to see where your traffic and money is “leaking.” We can also do a website redesign as an additional one-off service.

Conversion optimisation audit

Valued at $500

Nothing adds ROI to your business faster than conversion rate optimization. Simple changes to your ads, landing pages, website, offers, checkout pages and more, to squeeze additional leads and sales from every visitor. We’ll show you what to tweak and how to tweak it. Or if you prefer, we’ll do it for you as well at no extra cost.

Exit intent & floating bar pop up implementation

Valued at $500

Some people hate popups but when implemented correctly they can seriously boost your leads and sales. As part of your program, we implement exit intent popups strategically across your website, funnels and campaign landing pages to significantly boost leads, opt-ins and sales.

SEO error fixing - 100 on page errors

Valued at $600

We start with a technical assessment of your website and fix up to 100 on page errors to give you an instant rankings boost. Technical SEO is one of the most important parts of improving your rankings and ability to outperform your competitors.

SEO audit and plan – keywords, local and meta

Valued at $1,000

We’ll fully audit your website to find SEO boosting opportunities, including local search, keywords and meta data optimisation. If you want to rise to the top of Google for a regular supply of new customers, this is an essential step in your online marketing plan.

12 month SEO link building

Valued at $250

We implement our proven plan to attract links back to your website for a 12 month period. These are known as “backlinks” and are one of the most important parts of getting more visibility and better rankings in Google. We make it super easy and do all the heavy lifting for you.

Smart re-marketing - setup & implementation

Valued at $2,500

Our smart re-marketing is the key to your system and allows you to cost effectively and easily drive leads from website visitors. This setup is unique and tailored to your business. Drive leads from online and offline marketing campaigns and watch your brand awareness and visibility grow at a fraction of the cost required to target “cold leads”. It is seamlessly connected to your landing pages, funnels and every other part of your system to maximise impact. We use social, display and email as the core components in your smart re-marketing.

Full automation

Valued at $150

We automate everything in your marketing system — from ads to leads, emails to reporting. This allows you to scale your business, focus on other tasks, or spend more time with your loved ones.

Animated explainer video

Valued at $250

A simple animated explainer is a short “overview” video that is proven to dramatically boost sales. We can create and integrate this video into your marketing, saving you thousands on explainer video services.

Weekly tips and advice

Once we’ve set up your entire marketing system, we don’t just leave you to it. Along with private daily support, we’ll be offering you bonus tips and advice to keep taking your business to thrilling new heights, and stay ahead of the creeping competition. This inside agency advice can help you make marketing decisions & boost your ROI. Our bolt on services are always available.

Pro account manager

- priceless

Got a question? Want to bounce ideas off an expert? You’ll have access to our team of specialists through our dedicated support channels. Connect instantly with experts who know your business, and know how to manage and optimise your campaigns to achieve incredible ROI, save you time, and avoid common pitfalls your competitors are making.

Access to our private Facebook group

Our private Facebook group is packed with likeminded people who are there to support you — gain inspiration, insight and advice from peers who are already using their system to win more customers, double or triple their profits, and live the life they always wanted. 

Discount on monthly ‘Bolt On’ services to drive traffic to your marketing system

Should you need them, you’re also getting exclusive discounts on our “Done for You” traffic and marketing ‘Bolt On” services, including:

  • Full monthly management and optimisation of your system
  • Keyword based search engine optimisation
  • Local search engine optimisation
  • Google AdWords setup, management and optimisation
  • Facebook Ads optimisation
  • Regular funnel reviews and optimisation
  • Website design
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Other agencies would charge you at least $30,000 for this complete marketing system.

That’s because they would charge you for their time — they wouldn’t give you the tools & system to achieve it all yourself, which means they would simply charge you $100’s per hour, month after month, to do it all for you & they likely wouldn’t measure the ROI they are generating. It’s likely you still wouldn’t get what we’re offering because most agencies simply don’t know how to to do it or do it as well as us.

But because we use a personalised system, integrate Done for You Services — and because we’re so efficient at what we do — we can deliver this entire A—Z marketing system setup, implemented and automated at a fraction of the usual fee.  In fact, for a limited time, you can get access to digitalconnect for a special once off cost.

Yes, we can save you money, while giving you a proven system that is specifically designed to boost the effectiveness of any marketing you’re doing both online and offline & increase your ROI at the same time.

Your next steps…

Contact us below. we’ll schedule a 15-minute phone call with one of our experts to get to know a little more about your business.


We’ll create a free ROI forecast that’s personalised to your business, showing you how much money your business could be making with a proven system. We’ll also provide you with a quick start implementation plan to get you off the ground.


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There’s no obligation

If you can’t clearly see for yourself exactly how our system can help your business generate leads & boost your ROI, then we both walk away. We won’t try and convince you, in fact, you’ll never hear from us again.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to dive in, we’ll prepare a schedule to get everything set up and running for you in no time.

Ready to see what kind of ROI your business could be making by using an automated digital marketing system that works? Simply enter your details below and let’s schedule that quick 15-minute call. Stop searching for the same thing over and over from someone different. It’s time to take control and do something different.

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P.S — We don’t care about vanity metrics (such as clicks, rankings, traffic or popularity unless they are linked to ROI.)

You can’t take clicks, likes or shares to the bank. That’s why we only care about getting you a positive ROI. Because if you’re not making money from any kind of marketing you’re doing, what’s the point?

We rely on success stories, and we wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t have a proven ROI system that is putting marketing online back in your hands, generating profits for so many different businesses.

P.P.S — We don’t lock you in and you get full control.

You can access and start using our system right now, today, for a one—time—only investment. There’s no lock in contracts. No marketing gimmicks or tricks to convince you to keep buying stuff from us. All the setup and implementation is personalised for your business so it takes some time to setup & we only have limited spots available every month.

Just implement your custom-made system, & start using the steps, tools, and support we offer inside your package, and get results. It’s that simple.

Yes, there are optional packages if you need to do something more advanced, or if you just want to save even more time, but that’s totally optional. Driving traffic is important, but without an effective strategy behind it these services aren’t going to deliver the results you want.

If you want affordable marketing that works for your specific situation — this is it.

Remember, our system combines the best of both worlds — proven digital marketing system setup & implemented that’s designed to work for your unique business… PLUS hands—on help for expert tasks that you don’t have the time or skill to handle.
It’s a system that will bring you leads and customers, in days and weeks, not years from now.

A system that comes with real support and “done for you” assistance, from our inhouse experts, to handle complex, time consuming and creative tasks for you. We’ve gathered this expertise by working on client campaigns for years and we know what works and what doesn’t.

A system that’s more affordable than traditional agencies. A system that puts you in the driver’s seat, but never leaves you on your own. A system that is based on what truly works in today’s hyper competitive world.

A system that’s easily integrated into your existing marketing, or can be used to take a brand-new business from zero to success in record time.

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Here’s what your competitors are doing to win your would-be customers…

If you don’t recognize some of these things…

If you don’t know the critical value of each one…

And if you’re not doing them in your business…

then you’re fighting an uphill battle, with one arm tied behind your back.

The problem is, learning just a few of these digital marketing methods can take years, and lots of money.

Even when you’re up to speed, you’re still left with questions…

  • “Which task should I do first?”
  • “When should I be doing each task?”
  • “How long should I spend on each task?”
  • “Am I doing it right?”

Of course, you can always hire a marketing agency, but…

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