It’s a common question that people ask when they are thinking about developing a content marketing plan or entering into the world of running a blog. How do I create the right type of content and how do I make it as entertaining and informative as possible? The best way to think about what type of content you are going to create is to put yourself in your customers shoes. Developing content that really connects with your audience isn’t easy. It will take trial and error before you find that so called “Sweet Spot”. By becoming one of your customers from the outset you can potentially avoid redoing your content over and over again. So how do you become your customer and what’s the purpose? The idea of putting yourself into your clients shoes is to get an understanding of why they are or could be a customer, what there problems or pain points are and how you can solve those problems better than your competitors.

Gather data and information

There are some simple ways you can start to understand your customers better so you can create content that connects with their problems and at the same time provides entertainment and engagement.

  1. Run a survey asking key questions about problems facing your customers and how they relate to your services. Incorporate this survey as a direct email to clients after they purchase a product or service.
  2. Talk to your existing customers – why have they stayed with you? What problems have you solved for them? What do you do better than your competitors?
  3. Email your customers your content and track what they open and engage with the most. This can help you identify content areas that are most relevant to your customer base

Where do you go from here?

The easiest way to start thinking about the type of content you are going to create is by understanding the services/products you provide and what your expert knowledge or point of difference is. How do you communicate that through your content? How do you develop content that is unique? As a business owner or manager you are in the best position to understand how you can communicate what you do in a unique way. How about an example:

Motorcycle Dealer

Let’s say Jeff runs a successful motorcycle dealership. He has over 50 years experience in the motorcycle industry and specialises in selling a particular brand and knows everything there is to know about that particular brand. Instantly Jeff has a content path that he can take. Focusing on a specific niche is easier than going after broad topics that may not connect as well to your potential audience or not be as unique. Jeff can easily create the following content:

  • Detailed product reviews on his blog
  • Maintenance and support tips
  • Podcasts on newly released models and features
  • YouTube videos with road tests & other detailed information

This is a simple example of identifying a particular part of your business that you have passion or knowledge for and turning it into content that will educate and entertain an audience.

Channels & creating the right content

The first step is always creating a plan. Don’t just launch into creating content as you will find that it may not resonate with your audience and you may find that the trial and error component of creating content that works takes longer. Do the right research, toss around ideas about what your niche or specialisation is and how you can communicate that in a unique way to your audience. Once you’ve done that you’re halfway there to creating great content that will help your inbound marketing, SEO and lead generation.

The next step you need to focus on is finding the right channels to market and promote your content. A blog is great, however it isn’t the only channel you can use and ultimately the type of content you create will dictate what channels you use. For example if you are creating product reviews or how to information you may find that YouTube is another great avenue to reach your audience.

Important to remember

There are some simple ways you can make things easier for yourself:

  • Put the same content on different channels, created differently – What this means is that each channel needs to have unique content on it, however you could use the same blog post to then create a spin-off YouTube video, podcast or webinar.
  • Always create calls to action with your content. If you create content and distribute it on someone else’s platform (YouTube) always create a call to action to get people to subscribe on your website and use email marketing to send out alerts for your content. Always create a backup to reach people who are interested in your content
  • Have fun and create content that is a reflection of your personal style, brand and interests. Your content should be a representation of your business and it’s unique style.

Why should you create content?

There are multiple reasons you should invest in a content plan and start using some resources to create content. They include:

  • It creates sticky clients. If you’re a business that works off referrals or word of mouth, having your content in front of your audience all the time can generate social shares, referrals and opportunities you may not have had a chance to access otherwise
  • It’s good for your search engine optimisation if you are trying to rank for longtail keywords and relevant searches related to your industry
  • You can generate sales, leads & more customers by creating content. Focus on educating & entertaining your audience, rather than selling to them what you do. The sales opportunities will come if you create the right type of content

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