Social media is one of the best channels available online to reach your customers and attract new ones. Unfortunately it’s also one of the most clogged, with a huge amount of information uploaded and distributed everyday. One of the biggest challenges with any social media strategy is finding a way to cut through and reach the audience that will benefit most from the information you are sharing and discussing. Businesses will regularly have difficulties coming up with ideas for content that will connect with their audience and increase engagement. Before you start thinking about the type of content you’re going to create you should be aware that each social media channel is different so the content you create should be adapted to maximise it’s effectiveness on each platform. Something you post on Facebook may need to be changed slightly before you post it on Twitter. The easiest and best way to manage this is to schedule your content through a platform like Hootsuite or Buffer. Let’s get started on some simple ways you can create a consistent flow of unique and engaging content on your social channels.

Share other people’s content

It’s the simplest and easiest way to fill the gaps in your social media strategy and it’s often the most overlooked. There is so much content out there that we almost have content overload. Search and follow those brands or companies that share information relevant to your industry or niche. Use their content and promote it on your social media channels as a way to engage and inform your audience. Remember people aren’t on social media to buy or use a service. That comes as a by product of engagement. If you are providing useful and relevant information even if it doesn’t come from you directly you will find that potential customers will engage with your business.

Top Tip: Search blogs, twitter profiles, hashtags and trends on Facebook to find content that will be relevant to your followers and will add value

Use your blog content – over and over again

Remember that social media presents a lot of information to people every single day. Just because you’ve posted a link and a caption to one of your pieces of content it doesn’t mean that every single follower you have has seen it and read it. Keep spreading your content on a regular cycle. Use different headlines and images & some simple URL tracking can help you identify how things written differently can result in different levels of engagement. Mixing your content up with different keywords, headings and images can also help with your search engine optimisation.

Same content, done differently

It’s also one of the most overlooked ways to increase engagement with your content on social media. If you’ve written a really good blog post that has got a bit of traction with views and shares you may want to restructure what you’ve written into a video, podcast or webinar. You can easily distribute this content that is effectively the same as your blog post with minimal effort. You may find that on different channels a video or a podcast may perform better and yield different levels of engagement.


What is the best way to increase engagement on social media? Increase your use of visuals. You can even replace content you would of shared with an image and a caption. It differentiates your content and gives your customers new ways of engaging with you. Visuals are more likely to get shared and once shared will have a greater impact than text. A simple way to craft this content is by using Canva to create easy to post professional designs with your content.

Quotes, fun facts and other useful information

Quotes, motivational information and fun facts backed with strong visuals will always outperform boring promotional posts or selling. Mix your social feed up with something light and unrelated to your actual business. People want to have fun on social media and you can help. Some easy places to find this content include brainy quotes, Google images and Pinterest.

Create an e-book

E-books are a great thing to promote on social media and can be used effectively to drive leads with a free download. Use your knowledge and find a niche topic in your industry that will prove useful for your audience. You can also easily package up your blog posts into an easy to download book to reduce the amount of time and effort you have to put in to creating it. You can use outsourced help through a platform like Fivver to design the cover and put together the book as an easy download. You then have a piece of content you can regularly promote and distribute to your audience and a channel to generate leads.

Engage while you’re on social media

Share, like and comment as your business while on social media. It’s not only an easy way to creating relevant content through your social profiles, it also increases your brand visibility and enables you to engage directly with potential customers, competitors, brand influencers and your actual customers. Make sure you spend just as much time on social media talking to your audience as you do promoting and sharing content through your own profiles.

 Do reviews

Reviews are a great way to create content for your website and your social media profiles. They can be product reviews, location reviews or service reviews. Pretty much any business can create a set of reviews that may be useful for an audience or customer. Reviewing a service or product can be a great way to increase engagement on something you are trying to promote or sell without actively engaging in shameless self promotion. Remember to make the review unique, fun and create it across different channels so you have multiple ways to share it on social media.

Social media is a great tool for spreading and sharing content. We hope these simple tips will make it a bit easier to create and share interesting and engaging information on your social media channels. Who knows you may be able to increase your followers and generate leads.

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