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Content Creation

Content marketing isn’t new to digital marketing, however it’s usefulness to businesses is continuing to gain momentum more and more. Many businesses have a basic understanding of the significance content plays in ranking higher in organic searches, driving email subscriptions, generating customer enquiries & driving sales. Unfortunately not many know how to create a plan and implement a strategy that delivers. Content marketing is a strategic approach to creating high value content that your customers and potential customers want to know.


Planning is one of the must crucial aspects of your content marketing plan. Understanding the right type of content to create, how to promote it and what channels to use is important. We use the planning stage to develop themes & your content strategy.


How much you know about your current audience or your potential audience is also critical. How do they consume content? How often do they want it? What pain points do they have? These type of questions will help you build content that solves problems.

More Than Just A Blog

Content is easy right? All I need to do is start a blog and type out some of my thoughts. Content marketing is so much more than just blogging. While an important part it is only one link in the chain. The type of content you create will be dictated by your audience and how it fits with your lead generation strategies.


The channels you use as part of your content plan have to be well thought out and planned. Are you going to use YouTube to unleash your content? Have you thought about Podcasts? These are important decisions to make. One piece of written content could be packaged into an infographic, e-book, podcast and a video.


Where you will place your content and the timing of your placement is integral as it will drive your lead generation tactics. Deciding to place a piece of written content onto your own website or a key influencer can have different outcomes and will form part of your overall strategy. Each piece of content you place should have a purpose.

Can Content Generate Sales?

An investment of time is required if you are going to develop a really good content marketing strategy and implement it. Social, search, email and content all work together to help attract and convert your audience into customers. With any good content plan you should always focus on creating high value, unique and useful information that your audience wants. You should always aim to be a leader or authority in your industry.

Before you get into creating your content and developing a plan you should always know your audience and understand what type of content they want. There is no point creating information that is of no interest to anyone or doesn’t make an attempt to address or solve their problems. At Whitecrow Digital we can help identify your audience, understand their pain points and tailor a content plan that can help put your information in front of the right sets of eyes.

Enquiries, subscriptions, sales & referrals are all the things you should expect from creating amazing and useful content for your customers and audience. Talk to a specialist today to see how we can help.

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