How To Get More Likes On Facebook

Getting more likes on your business’s Facebook page is a key metric for the success of your strategy on social media. More likes means increased engagement, helping to build wider brand awareness and strengthening the relationship you have with your audience or customers.

But it’s common for the numbers to plateau, and it can be frustrating when you have a great product or service that’s not getting as many thumbs up as it should.

So to help you jump this hurdle and get more Facebook likes, we’ve put together some quick tips on how you can tweak your page to bring more clicks.

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Change your attitude

The most important thing to realise with Facebook likes is that they are an indication of popularity, not confirmation of a sale or support. You can have 10,000 Facebook likes and still see no real bump in your sales or online engagement metrics.

If you’re frustrated by the lack of likes, remember that it’s about quality, not quantity.

Each of your Facebook likes should be an engaged customer or audience member that supports what you do and tells others about it. One of this kind of Facebook likes is better than a hundred others who clicked because they like your logo!

Getting more Facebook likes of the right kind should be your priority. You need to build an audience that supports your business goals and is engaged with its direction and vision, and from here on in, our focus will be on tactics and methods to bring these likes to your page.

Put your best foot forward

Many businesses have a Facebook profile page that is uninspiring; with basic information, a few pictures here and there, they're essentially classified adverts on Facebook.

Your Facebook page should be as detailed and engaging as your regular website. A high quality profile and cover picture, snappy copy for the description and some sharp photos will set your page up to attract the right audience’s likes.

And don’t stop there. Add as much information to the page as you can – website URL, street address, phone number, and hours of operation. This information is great for the Google search mill and will make it much more prominent online.

Need some inspiration? Here are some of the best Facebook pages around. Take what you can from them to mould your Facebook profile

Have something interesting to say

Facebook is a social network that encourages people to share and discover things from their lives. It’s vital that your business presents itself within this frame, providing entertaining and interesting content that informs people.

Videos, articles, blogs, pictures, tasteful jokes: the list of stuff you can put on your company’s Facebook page is as large as your imagination.

Also, it pays to post content that’s not always directly related to your company. If all you put up are adverts and articles directly linked to your brand, your audience will get bored. But if you provide a variety of content, they will be engaged, and more receptive to the marketing messages you seed carefully.

For example, an auto mechanic could post ten articles about new cars, tyre reviews and motorsport news, with a few pieces of advertising content here and there. This mix shows that the auto mechanic is engaged with their field of expertise, giving its marketing messages more authority.

The bottom line is that Facebook uses algorithms to track user engagement, rewarding content that’s popular. The more interesting things you put up, the more exposure you’ll get, and the higher the chance of attracting more likes becomes.

Always post and always promote

A Facebook page should be active – use it or lose it. If you want your audience to be engaged, then it’s vital to engage with them regularly. Facebook’s algorithms reward pages that post new content, so make sure yours is always fresh.

There’s no firm rule on how often you should post, but most advice settles on posting at least three times a week. If your page is active, you will be more likely to attract new likes and retain the existing thumbs ups that you’ve earned.

A great way to enhance your regular posting is by using Facebook’s Page Insights service to analyse when your audience is online, and tailor your marketing strategy to post new content at peak times.

In addition to having an active Facebook page, it’s vital that you promote it at every opportunity. Make sure that it’s referred to on your company stationery such as your email signature, marketing materials, business cards - anything and everything that is client facing.

The more you promote, the more chances you’ll have to win more Facebook likes.

Pay to play

Finally, you can pay to bring in more Facebook likes. Now, this isn’t about buying fake likes. It’s about using Facebook's advertising and promotional products to maximise your exposure to audiences and target specific messages.

By putting better content online more regularly, researching your audience and promoting your page at every opportunity, you can place yourself in a position where paid Facebook advertising will bring good results.

Facebook allows you to target specific audiences with advertising that always includes the option to like your page. You can pay to boost the prominence of the posts you add to your page, or simply promote the page itself. Through paid advertising, you can cut through quickly and establish a great return on investment.

We hope these quick tips on getting more Facebook likes will put you on the path to creating an engaged online community. Remember, it’s about quality, not quantity – and if you get the content right, the numbers could rise higher than you’d ever expected.

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Is Your Website or Social Media Presence a Reflection of What You Want?

Have you ever visited someone in their home and almost felt unable to move in case you accidentally disturbed something? Have you ever walked into a store and found that it seemed almost impossible to find a sensible path to the specific items you wanted to look at?

Both of the above can be the result of ‘inside-out creation’. This is where the end result has been designed for the approval of the person creating it, rather than those visiting or wishing to use the facility. This can often happen when a site is being designed to maximise web content, or social media marketing opportunities are being exploited.

Taking off your shoes

The above comes from an old quotation: ‘To walk in someone else’s shoes, first take off your own’. So many people don’t – they, metaphorically at least, simply place them over the ones they are already wearing. The result is that their primary focus is 'inside out'. Yet, to achieve conversion optimisation throughout a range of web or social media activities, the focus can only be on the searcher or visitor. This is why artists, when painting, often step back from the canvas to actually see the work as the audience eventually will.

Four ways that inside-out focus can damage performance

1. Focusing on the wrong areas

An example of this might be the launch of a new product or service. Those producing it are proud of all it can achieve and therefore want to convey this message to the world. However, outside of their bubble, those people undertaking web searches, or visiting social media are much more interested in what exactly it can do for them. The danger is that all the content has to say gains no more than a ‘so what’ reaction from the very people it should be exciting and enthusing.

2. Using inappropriate language

This isn’t referring to rudeness, or a lack of manners, but simply to the fact that every business has its own private language. This jargon is clearly understood by all insiders, who then use it on a regular basis, like a type of shorthand. It’s far too easy to forget that many of the potential customers any company wishes to talk to simply don’t have the same level of expertise. Much as you might hope they would make the effort to find out more, in reality they are much more likely to simply search elsewhere for an easier to understand solution.

3. Ignoring the obvious

If you've ever tried to find a new location by following road signs, you’ll often end up realising that they were erected by people who already knew where they were going! A sign at one turn-off might then be missing at the next, simply because the path to take is so well-known, indeed blatantly obvious, at least to the individual placing those signs. So, if road signs should be erected by strangers, the same can apply to online content. It is so easy to miss out key pieces of information, simply because the person writing that content has known about it for so long.

4. Creating a tortuous or incomplete journey

Like the first three points above, errors here are usually due to what might be called ‘sins of omission’. There is no deliberate attempt to confuse or conceal, simply a lack of taking that ‘artist’s step back’ to cast an outsider’s eye at the work. Therefore, for example, a visitor with no knowledge of the company might find the website difficult to navigate – and then give up on the attempt. A search for a specific item might only take the arriving visitor to a generic homepage – rather than a specifically-designed landing page. Again, asking them to make a ‘discovery’ effort might simply lead to their looking elsewhere.

Gaining that 'outside-in' insight

Asking an outside company to work on your website, search engine or social media marketing, brings that fresh insight of the outsider, married to rich experience in creating optimal content.

However, it is a two-way street. Any company undertaking such tasks needs to burrow inside the skin of your business and find out what really makes it tick. Once this has been achieved, you have the best chance to achieve a great win-win situation – professionally crafted content, created by an outsider, yet enhanced by using the expertise of those within that business.

Giving your website and social media an outside touch will enable you to create an experience for visitors that will drive them to take actions.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Digital Over Traditional Marketing

The dynamics of business and marketing have shifted quite dramatically over the last 10 to 15 years. The way we interact, consume and do business has changed. This change has created & been created by many new ventures that have disrupted the old & traditional ways things have been done. Can't think of any? Here are just a few to get you thinking:


Google has changed the way we find information. Rather than looking through books or consulting with someone who is an expert in their field we can type anything into a computer and find the answer to pretty much anything.


The way we move around has changed & shifted. The traditional methods of catching a bus, taxi or train has shifted to more personalised and on-demand transport.


With the introduction of E-bay so came with it the rise of online shopping and the buy and sell online marketplace. No longer do you need to have a garage sale or visit the local market. Just put your product up and start selling.

What This Means For Your Business

There are many more companies that have shifted the landscape of business and how your potential customers and actual customers consume information, services & products. What does this all mean to you? If you're a business that has been operating for longer than 10 years or a new business to the market the impact of how people interact on a daily basis is going to have the same effect. The potential impact it can have may be greater if you're a long standing business stuck in traditional ways of doing things. Flexibility & the ability to be dynamic as a business has become increasingly important as things now change so rapidly. So that's where we get to the argument of where you should invest your marketing dollars. Let's be clear from the start and identify that every single business is different and no one strategy is going to suit every business. What is important to see is that digital marketing has benefits that traditional marketing potentially can't compete with.

Why Choose Digital Over Traditional?

It's a question we get asked multiple times a week. Why should I do this when I've always done it like this? Why should I be doing digital marketing? What's the benefit for my business? Our website isn't that important to our business, so why would we do it?

We believe that every business should be doing some form of digital marketing whether it being optimising their website for conversions & implementing an inbound marketing strategy, working on an SEO campaign for keywords that are relevant to their business or running a paid Google advertising campaign. The opportunities are endless and the potential return for the business is vast due to the sheer number of consumers that are looking for them every day through digital channels even if they don't think that it's important. Some simple research into things people are searching for that are relevant to your business can be an eye opener.

Why Should I Do It Though?

Ultimately for every business it comes down to justifying the cost vs return when any type of marketing campaign is implemented. How many people can I get to see what I do and how many of those can I convert into real paying customers? The problem with many traditional marketing activities (not all of them) is the inability for you as the business owner to understand your real return on investment, how effective your marketing activity is and what results it can deliver for your business. With digital marketing whether it be SEO, Social Media, Content or Adwords you have the ability to measure, review and improve. It's not just a nice to have, it's a must have. To better understand how you can acquire more customers you need to know how much it costs you to get one, what you're willing to spend to acquire a customer and how you can continually improve your return on investment. Digital marketing gives you that opportunity and it is something you should take advantage of. Always take the time to thoroughly assess traditional vs digital channels and make sure you talk to a digital marketing agency that understands the importance of conversion tracking, reporting and return on investment monitoring.

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How To Be Smart With Your Digital Marketing Spend

Running a business isn't easy and many of the decisions you make come down to how much you can afford to spend or what kind of risk you can afford to take for a calculated return. If you are thinking about marketing online, whether it be through search, social media or content there are some ways you can be smart with your spend & actions to make sure you aren't wasting money or dedicating resources to areas that aren't delivering a return for your business.

Do Your Research When Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency

Just like any decision you make when spending money especially when investing into growing your business make sure you do adequate research on the company you want to partner with. More than anything this relationship should be a partnership where the agency has a vested interest in delivering tangible results for your business & helping you grow. Here are some simple questions you can ask and make sure you compare the answers from a couple of agencies both locally and outside your area:

1) Tell me about your experience?
2) What makes your agency different?
3) Can I see some examples of results with other clients?
4) What are your biggest strengths?
5) Can I see some samples of your reports and what kind of information I will expect to receive?

Cost is always a factor that should come into play, however make sure you get an understanding of the business, how they track results and how they can deliver value to your business. Making the right decision from the outset can save you money, time and can start growing your digital strategy from day one.

Put Some Time & Effort Into Your Tracking & Reporting

Like anything you get out what you put in. With digital strategy everything should be able to be measured and tracked. This will enable you to find areas where your performing well and others where you aren't. If the company you've engaged isn't giving you information around what your results mean for your business & the dollar return you should expect to receive you should be asking for it.

You should also being putting time into understanding Google Analytics, so as a business you can track and measure traffic & conversions.

Investment vs Return

You should be investing time into understanding & analysing your investment v return. Before you start investing in your digital marketing plan put some effort into understanding your customers, the dollar value an individual customer acquisition returns to your business and the number of referrals they provide you. This will help you assess your cost to acquire customers and the return that your marketing efforts will deliver to your business.

Pick Your Channels

Ultimately you know your business and you understand what your customers want and the type of customers you are trying to target. If you're a business to business client in an obscure industry social media may not make sense when choosing where to invest your money & resources. Take time to understand the different channels you can market to and how they suit your business. If you've engaged an agency get them to detail why they suggest a certain channel to market your business and how it fits with your overall marketing strategy.

It's a Long Term Investment

If you're thinking about marketing online and you only want to dip your toes in the water you should probably think about spending money elsewhere. You need to be committed to developing a long term strategy as you will only start to see results and a return on investment when the cumulative effect of your marketing efforts start to come to fruition. This is especially important when undertaking search engine optimisation which is always a long term investment for your business. Talk to your agency partner about the long term goals & plans for your digital marketing plan and remember to measure and track everything against your goals so you can continually refine & improve.

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Are You Tracking Conversions On Your Website?

Every business that has a website or undertakes any kind of digital marketing strategy should be focused on conversions. They can come in a variety of forms depending on your business, whether it be an enquiry via email, a phone call, a ticket sale or a product purchase. Why are conversions so important? Ultimately tracking, monitoring and analysing conversions will allow you to assess whether a particular marketing activity is working and most importantly if it is delivering value and a positive return on investment. Analysing the performance of a particular campaign, social media post or optimised keyword via SEO will give you so much more confidence about your digital marketing and it will also allow you to dedicate resources that are generating income for the business and dollars to your bottom line.

It sounds simple right? For the majority of businesses it is actually a lot more difficult than you would think. If I told you that we are going to allocate $10,000 of your marketing budget to a billboard on a busy highway for two months but you weren't going to know if it delivered increased sales or more customers would you do it? Potentially given the sheer exposure of the billboard people would assume that their sales are going to increase. There is no guarantee and there is no possible way for you to track if it's going to work. Sure you will hear statistics about how many people drive past the billboard, the demographic and how they are right in your target market. How do you know that this billboard will deliver results? Is it a blind leap of faith? Is it a traditional marketing avenue and it makes you feel more comfortable? We see this everyday, where a business will allocate a marketing spend to an activity that can't be measured and may in the end deliver zero value.

Your website is the equivalent of a billboard on a busy highway with the exception that you can understand who visits it, how long they stay, how they got there and most importantly if that visitor attempts to become a customer. If I said to you can either invest $10,000 and directly analyse the return on that spend and the value delivered to your business as opposed to spending $10,000 and having no understanding of what the outcomes of that spend were, which one would you choose. Clearly we would all choose the first option. If this is the case why do more and more businesses fail to engage in the appropriate management and analysis of where their enquiries come from online and what the overall return of that customer generated online means to their business. The reasons are simple:

Lack of information

Many businesses aren't being supported with the right information. Many companies will promise you first page rankings, amazing website traffic and significant exposure. What does this mean to you at the end of the day? It doesn't mean much. You're simply placing your billboard in a more prominent position. You need to understand what the outcomes you are getting from that traffic. It's not just limited to a search engine optimisation campaign. It may be an Adwords campaign, social media marketing or a content marketing plan. Take the time to not just fall for the easy and quick guarantee about getting your website on the first page of Google or in a prominent ad position. To really become a digital superstar you need to understand what those people are doing once they visit your website. It's not enough these days to just have your billboard on the side of the road. Become better than your competitors, gain more insight and use it to your advantage.

Can't somebody else do it?

It's too hard. This is something that I would tend to agree with. Understanding Google Analytics & understanding what a conversion means to your business can be difficult. The information is overwhelming and the ability to use that information to develop a plan of attack isn't easy. There are some simple techniques that we are going to unlock over the coming months that can make your life a whole lot easier and hopefully allow you to easily monitor & track your website traffic & conversions and use the information to make actionable decisions for your marketing plan. Always make sure when undertaking any kind of digital marketing campaign that you ask questions about not only when will I be on the first page or where my ads will sit but also about what kind of information do you provide around traffic, how do I analyse my return on investment and how do I improve conversions every month.

I've got no time

I don't have the time. It's common for small business owners to be time poor. If you are planning on running your own analysis on your website traffic and understanding conversions take the time to do it properly. 30 minutes to 1 hour per week may save you a lot of money and effort when deciding where to invest resources when marketing online. If you don't have the time make sure the professionals you engage deliver timely and relevant information that is directly relate-able to your profit, customers and sales.

Like traditional marketing promoting your business online requires an investment of money and time to deliver good results. The major benefit you get when advertising online is that everything is measurable and can be analysed in terms of the return you obtain in relation to effort & dollars. Avoid companies that only want to show you rankings because the real value comes in understanding your traffic and how it delivers results to the bottom line of your business.

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What Social Media Channels Should I Be Using?

Everyone typically knows that they should be using social media to some extent to promote their business or service. Even if it is just as a way to communicate to people who are interested in your brand social media is an important part of any digital plan. Here is how the story usually goes! You're excited at first to start your Facebook page and you set it up all nice and pretty with a profile photo, cover photo and you get your first post done. You share your page around with your friends and you may even get to 100 likes! How exciting! Then the fun starts to wear off! Rather than being something enjoyable the task of updating your Facebook page becomes more of a chore then anything. Your posts don't seem to be cutting through, your likes don't seem to be going up and you finally decide that it's a big waste of time.


You also forgot one thing! What about the other social media channels you could be using? That's right, you opened a Twitter account & linked it your facebook page (by the way this is totally useless for a couple of reasons). If this sounds familiar then you are probably one of the many business owners that attempt to run a social media campaign and struggle to find something that works. Here are some tips on how you can perform better on social media and it all starts with finding the right channels and using them appropriately. Setting yourself up for success on social media starts with creating a plan and tailoring it to specific platforms. You ready? Let's get started

What Channels Should You Be Using & Why?

It's a question that people typically don't ask when they first start using social media. You should have some goals to start with whether it be how many likes or followers you want to gain, sales you want to generate or leads you want to create. You have some goals and then you have a variety of social media channels to use. I'm going to exclude Google+ and while it is still of some value it's not a channel you would go after on it's own. The main channels you would go after are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube.

What you will notice is that all these social media channels while similar on some levels all operate differently and as such different types of content, business and services work better on different platforms. Let's use a quick example. Jo runs a premium online baby store. Visually her products are engaging and she is able to promote them easily with photos & images. The platforms that will work for Jo are Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook. Now we can go a step further and incorporate other channels if Jo incorporates a few things into here website. Let's assume Jo runs an informative blog for mothers. This type of content is perfect for Twitter. The content is informative, useful and it still has the ability to generate sales by bringing visitors to the website. Jo, may also run product videos and reviews. This type of unique content is perfect for a YouTube channel. Jo may use Linkedin as a way to connect to suppliers, however it will likely not be one of her main channels to communicate with customers and generate sales. Everything you do on social media should tie back into your overall goals.

Let's use another example to show the type of business you operate should dictate the channels you use. John is an accountant and has just launched his own business. He is confused about what social media channels he should be using. Let's assume he operates in the business 2 business space as that is where all his clients come from. We can straight away say that this type of business won't get any value out of using Instagram or Pinterest. YouTube is a possibility if they have videos that are useful & interesting, however it's likely not a strategy you would invest a huge amount of time in. Remember to think back to your goals and align the channels to your goals. The two definite channels that will work for this type of business are Twitter and Linkedin. Facebook is always going to be useful, however if you were going to advertise or promote you would likely invest resources into Twitter or Linkedin as the potential return is going to be greater. Just because everyone thinks you should have a Facebook page it doesn't mean that you have to have one. If you don't feel your target audience will find any value from you on Facebook don't use it.

From these two examples you can see that social media isn't a one size fits all. You should not only tailor the channels you use to suit your business but also the content you send out through each channel. Here are the different types of social media and what content is suited to each


When posting to Facebook make sure you use visual support for each post whether it be an image or a video. Statistics show that people are more likely to engage with posts that have visuals attached to them rather than just a text post. The type of content you post to Facebook could include inspirational quotes, special offers or promotions, links back to your blog, videos and other peoples content that your audience will find interesting. Some examples of great Facebook pages include Redbull and Coca Cola


Twitter only allows you to write 140 characters so as a brand you should be quick and to the point. Twitter is a great tool for interacting with your customers and audience if you are a brand or service. You can respond to peoples queries instantly and solve problems on the spot. It is also a great channel to link to useful content - both your own and others. Visuals once again make a difference for cutting through the crowd.

Instagram & Pinterest

This is pretty self explanatory. Photos are key on these two platforms, however you need to make sure that they are engaging and aligned to your brand. Using hashtags on Instagram is a good strategy to promote your content to a wider audience. If you run an e-commerce store Instagram can be a useful tool, however don't post boring photos of your products. Use photos of them in action and engage your audience.


Content is king on Linkedin. If you operate in a business to business space you should be using Linkedin both for your company and personally. You can even use the publishing system built into Linkedin to create content and become an influencer in your industry.

Before you start using social media take some time before you open your Facebook page to think about your business, products and services & what channels are going to be most effective for you to reach your goals.

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Seven Ways Your Business Can Improve It's Online Presence

Running your own business can be hard work. Juggling multiple hats, managing employees and dealing with the day to day operational issues that come up on a daily basis can leave you with a lack of time to promote, manage and grow your business. As consumers and people who may use the services your business provides there is an increasing need for information being readily available and the channels to access what you do being easy and simple. The growth of the internet and advances in technology has made it easier to connect with your customers whether it be through your website, social media or other digital channels. The best thing about having a good online presence is that you are easily reachable by your customers and it provides you an opportunity to differentiate what you do from your competitors. So how you do you achieve a great online presence and how do you use it to generate sales, leads and more customers for your business. Here are 7 tips that will help your business become better online.

Start selling online if you can

Enabling e-commerce functionality can open up a new sales channel for your business if you operate a traditional brick and mortar structure. Instead of employing another sales person spend some time and invest some resources into e-commerce and let those customers come to you. Like anything online you need to put the work into promoting and building awareness of your e-commerce store. It's not enough to just build it and expect the customers to come flowing through the doors. If you already have an existing website incorporate an e-commerce component and improve your online reach

Start a blog

You've probably got to the position you have by being fairly good at what you do and sometimes an expert in your industry. Sharing that knowledge and information is a form of inbound marketing that may be able to generate leads and customers for your business. If you have information that others might not be able to access easily that means it's valuable and people will be looking for it to either solve their problem or help them make a purchasing decision. Create unique, interesting and shareable information and you can generate interest in your website and business.

Pay attention to social media

This doesn't mean just doing a facebook post every 2 weeks. Create a strategy and change it slightly depending on the platform you are posting on. Consistency is the key and most importantly, what your saying must be fun, informative and interesting. The goal with social media is to build a community of followers that may eventually turn into actual customers over and over again. Don't sell what you do.Just share content that you would like to see when you visit  social media.

Update your website

Your website is a vital component of your business and it may be the place where people get their first impression of you and what you do. Make sure it's an accurate representation and always keep your website refreshed and up to date as your business changes and grows. You wouldn't let a TV ad you ran 10 years ago show up now so why would you have the same website.

Email marketing is your friend

One of the best ways to communicate with customers and potential customers is to create an email marketing list and to generate important & useful information for your subscribers. This may include special offers, discounts and once off promotions for your subscribers only so they feel special and rewarded. It can be a great strategy to convert visitors & customers who may have used you before, but have now forgotten about what you do.

Promote and advertise online

No matter what you use your website for you should always be promoting and advertising it in some way. Whether this be through SEO, Adwords, social media advertising, re-targeting, video advertising or content marketing you should be doing something all the time to promote your website and business. A well rounded digital marketing plan can do wonders for your business because it's measurable and you develop action plans based on the results to increase sales and the bottom line for your business

Review, evaluate and improve

You should always looking for ways to do things better. Being online is no exception and you should be finding things that are working and accelerating their growth. Conversely you should be dropping those things that aren't working or sending additional resources or going at it from another angle. The best thing about marketing your business online is that there is always room for improvement.

We hope these 7 simple tips can help your business become more successful online. We'd love to hear what works for you so feel free to comment below.

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Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

You may hear the words "Digital Marketing" floating around if you run a small business and you have been looking for ways to promote yourself. Is it a buzz word or is it something that can deliver value to your business? Digital marketing encompasses a lot of things and it should be a part of every businesses advertising plan. Why? We are going to learn what digital marketing is, why it's important and why you should be using it for a few simple reasons.

What is Digital Marketing?

In it's simplest form digital marketing is advertising & promotion through online channels. The number of channels & the relevant strategy are dependent on a few factors including:

- the type of business
- the industry
- the business goals e.g. enquiries, online sales, signups
- budget

Digital marketing is now a broad terms that covers advertising using the following channels:

- Search engine optimisation
- Search engine marketing
- Content (inbound) marketing
- Social media marketing
- Display & re-targeting advertising

Utilising all of the above channels gives you a full toolbox to attract, retain and convert customers who are visiting your website. All the efforts that go into your digital marketing plan should be focused around customers performing some kind of action usually on your website. Having a high performing website becomes of utmost importance when you are pursuing any kind of online marketing activity.

Why Is It Important?

So why is it so important for your business? Most people are already aware of the shift in the landscape of doing business with more traditional methods of providing services & products being phased out and brought online. Even industries where an online presence wasn't important five years ago are finding that being online is an important factor and is becoming increasingly important. The cyclical nature of business means that you need to constantly reinvent the way you do things, how you interact with customers and how you acquire new business. Digital marketing gives you an opportunity to target a new segment of customers that you previously may not have reached. It also allows you to directly target specific niches and measure your results down to the finest detail.

Measurable results and detailed action plans are key for your business understanding whether the money you are spending on advertising is delivering a real return on investment. Let's use the example of a local business that puts an ad on the tv screen at their local gym. Note, this is a good form of advertising to gain exposure and build brand awareness, however do you have the opportunity to measure how many customers are a direct result of this advertising. The answer would most likely be no. The gym may give you stats on their demographics & how many people are going to see it, but the only thing you should care about is acquiring new customers. If you can't measure it, that can make it quite difficult to ascertain if the advertising is of value and if you are generating a return on investment.

With any kind of online marketing you should be able to measure the result of your spend. If you run an e-commerce store and you are managing a pay per click campaign through Adwords you should know exactly how much it is costing you to acquire a customer. If every click through costs you $1 and for every 10 clicks you sell on average a $65 item you should be able to assess the cost to acquire those sales and determine if the return on investment is good enough. If you find a strategy and niche that works you should continue to invest more and more money into it. If I'm selling $100 worth of items for every $10 I spend in advertising and I'm making a net margin of $50 why wouldn't I invest more money in it? You can grow ten fold by investing in a strategy that is working. If you don't continue to build and grow, your business won't grow. Digital marketing provides measurable results that lead to detailed action plans designed to grow your business.

There are components of digital marketing that deliver intangible benefits including:

- A social media profile that has an engaging community and growing base of followers
- A loyal following of readers in your industry following & reading your content
- First page rankings on Google that deliver not only customers (measurable), but also the impression of being the leader in your field

Digital marketing isn't something that is a nice to have. It's a must have for any business that is aggressively promoting and advertising their business to new & existing customers.

Why Should You Be Using It

There are some pretty simple reasons why you should be using digital marketing:

1) There is a whole segment of customers you are missing out on
2) Your competitors will be doing some form of digital marketing
3) You can measure results and develop plans to optimise your plan depending on those results
4) You can measure your return on investment
5) You can diversify your traditional advertising methods.

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3 Ways To Be Better On Social Media

Social media is easy right? Throw up some posts on Facebook, send out some tweets on Twitter and put up some photos on instagram. How hard can it be? As a small or medium sized business owner I'm sure you've been there before. Your posts aren't engaging with your followers, your follower base isn't increasing and you are struggling to figure out why. Like everything online, social media is continuing to evolve and the way people consume information is continually changing. The things that might of worked a year ago may not work today. Rapid change occurs all the time and as a business it's your job to continue to refine and change the way you use social media. Here are three ways you can be better on social media and improve your engagement and number of followers.

Know your platform, content and audience

A one size fits all approach doesn't really work on social media anymore. With so many platforms and different ways to engage your audience you need a strategy that slightly changes depending on what social media channel you are using. This comes down to knowing the type of content that works and what the audience you are communicating with likes to see when they are browsing that social media channel. For example when people are browsing on Facebook research suggest that images provide more engagement then plain text posts. Videos are now the fastest growing post on Facebook. Think of simple ways you can use images & videos whenever you post something to Facebook. Twitter has become a lot more visual with research suggesting that people prefer to see images on tweets now as they tend to have a higher rate of engagement.

Adjust the type of content you produce in line with you audience and social media channel and your engagement and results will improve.

Create a tone, message and voice

You should create a consistent message through all your communication on social media. Just like verbal communication people will interpret who you are, what you represent and what your message is by the way your posts are written, structured and delivered. Develop a tone for your business which is aligned to your branding and how your traditional advertising is delivered. For example you may want to be fun & interesting, informative, professional or excited and happy. Keep your message consistent so you don't confuse your followers. Creating a consistent message will mean that your followers will know what to expect from your posts and they will be more engaged when they come through.

Be smart and use some useful tools

There are a few ways you can be smart with social media and here are some useful tools and tips which should follow:

Stop promoting yourself - People don't want to continually hear about you and how good you are. They are on social media to read interesting information, engage with people, relax and have fun. Promotion is essential part of social media, however it will have more impact if you do it subtly.

Leverage hashtags - Hashtags are there for a reason so use them. They help people find your posts and it is simple way to increase engagement and boost your followers.

Be engaged on social media - Share other peoples content, like posts, retweet interesting tweets, comment and become a part of the social media community. People will become more engaged with you as a result and you will find that people will follow you and interact with your posts.

Schedule your posts - Use Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your social media posts, get in depth analytics and work on ways to improve your performance on social media

Have you got any tips? Comment below with your thoughts.

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4 Secrets To Standing Out On Facebook

Most businesses are now using Facebook one way or another. It might be because everyone has told you need a Facebook page or you may find that it's one of the best ways to communicate with your customers. No matter what you think of Facebook it's important to have it, because if you don't potential customers are on their way to one of your competitors instead of you. One of the best ways to think about unlocking the secrets of building your Facebook community is to view it from your own perspective as a user of social media. Ask yourself what strikes your interest, makes you want to like a page or click a link? Once you answer these questions you are part of the way to understanding how to use your Facebook page as a marketing tool for your business.

Use Visuals

With short attention spans and the amount of content people are fed everyday at the drop of the button or the swipe of a finger you need to create and post content that is visually engaging. You need to catch peoples attention and the best way to do it is with images and videos. People no longer take the time to read a Facebook post if it doesn't include something visually stimulating especially if you are a business. When you want to get your message across include a graphic, image or video to accompany your text. The opportunity for people to share, like and comment on your post will increase. A simple trick you can use is to connect your instagram account to your Facebook page so all your images automatically show up on your Facebook feed as well.

Infographics are a great way to get your message across on Facebook or on your blog...

Design Your Page

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their business Facebook page is not giving it the edge to stand out when people visit. Simply adding a cover photo and profile photo will do wonders for your page. Try and update them regularly to coincide with special promotions or messages you want people to see. Giving your Facebook page that bit of polish is likely to encourage more likes and people to recommend and review your page. Also try to tie in the branding of your Facebook page with the design of your website and other social media accounts so you are delivering a consistent message. Also a perfect tool to use is the highlight post tool to make a post on your page bigger and as a headline for your page. Check out some of the 50 best brands on Facebook and see how you can do it as well.

Stop Promoting Yourself

It might seem like a stupid comment but ultimately you are going to do more harm than good if you constantly bombard people with self promotion. People always love specials and deals but they are also on social media to tune out and read something cool or watch a funny video. Share & like other peoples pages and information and send them out to your audience. You will increase engagement and find that people are more likely to share the content you post and in the process increasing your brand awareness. You don't need to try and sell something with every post. You can then easily slip in promotions or links back to your own website and their impact will be greater. Remember what you want to see on social media & apply it to the industry you're in and you will get better results.

Start Advertising

Facebook advertising can be a great way to boost likes and build your community of followers. Unfortunately you aren't typically able to reach the audience you want to if you don't advertise even just a little bit. The boost post tool can be great to increase the spread of a post that is performing well to be shown to friends of people who like your page. If people are seeing you alot they are likely to check out your page and see what you do and why it's worth their while to like your page. That's where exciting, interesting content and a well designed page come together.

Hopefully these simple tips can help you stand out on Facebook and outperform your competitors.

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