Instagram is an ideal social media channel for businesses who want to create brand awareness. But the platform is about more than just simply sharing lovely looking pictures of your products. If it’s done right, Instagram can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool that will help your business grow sales and establish a stronger market presence. Do it wrong though, and Instagram can create a pretty bleak picture for businesses. There are all kinds of Instagram gurus, tips and tricks out there, but the fundamentals of getting this social media channel right are actually pretty straightforward. So, to help you on the road to Instagram domination, we’ve got four helpful tips to make your picture posts perfect:

1. Post regularly

The main thing to remember is that Instagram is supposed to be interactive. It’s not just a storybook of nice-looking pictures sitting on a shelf. If you want people to actively follow your business’ Instagram account, it’s vital that you regularly post good quality content. There is a wide variety of opinion on what frequency is best for posting. That really comes down to the nature of your business and the kind of message you want to send. That said, once an hour is probably too much, and once a day is probably too little. You want to give your Instagram followers something to look at and talk about at good intervals without annoying them by bombarding their feeds. There is an art to Instagram posting and it will take trial and error to get the frequency just right for your business. Just make sure you post regularly to keep the audience engaged.

2. Post with a purpose

The number one turn off for Instagram users is poor quality content: blurry images, spelling mistakes, etc. Perhaps the biggest complaint against Instagram marketers is when their posts have no relevance to people viewing them. That’s why it’s important to think beyond just posting to Instagram for brand recognition. For example, a car manufacturer that simply puts up beautiful pictures of their vehicles will have less impact than if it ran an Instagram drive encouraging people to share photos of their own rides, creating an interactive, engaging experience around the joy of driving that brand of car. Everything your business places on Instagram should have a purpose, whether it’s asking questions, highlighting a fact or calling for action. Remember, social media thrives on interaction. Posting just for the sake of it will get you nowhere.

3. Think of Instagram as a “mini-blog”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but Instagram allows a limited amount of text to accompany each image – don’t waste it! While it’s important to have hash tags and other key pieces of information in the text section, there is also the opportunity to tell a story that accompanies the picture, giving it context and enhancing understanding. Sometimes the text can be better than the picture! The right writing, with a bit of humour if appropriate, can do wonders for your interaction. Use the text allowance to pose questions and encourage audience response. If you have a blog, link it to the text and use the Instagram post as a gateway. The text should drive interaction, creating purpose for the post.

4. Have an Instagram plan

Above all, your business’ marketing efforts on Instagram must be co-ordinated with a plan. A scattergun approach will see irregular posting of varied, disparate material that does not have an obvious point. This will annoy your regular Instagram followers and discourage others from joining. By drawing up a plan you will have more control on what you have decided to say, how you are going to do it and what key metric you can identify to measure its effectiveness. You can create a mix of image posts, infographics, competitions and even quotes for sharing that are all planned out, sharing a common thread. A plan for Instagram will allow you to see what works and what doesn’t and make the right kinds of changes to your strategy. Remember, there is an art to getting Instagram, and by having a blueprint, you will have much more success in using the dynamic social media marketing channel to its fullest potential.

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