Advertising on social media has many benefits. It’s relatively inexpensive in terms of a cost per click in comparison to other paid marketing digital channels. It also allows you to easily target and access specific demographics to ensure you are targeting those people who will be most interested in your services and products. The main drawbacks of advertising on social media are:

  1. It’s much harder to cut through the noise on social media and deliver your message to your targeted audience. With the abundance of information available through social media the line between a successful and unsuccessful campaign is thin.
  2. Deciding on what channel to use can confuse many businesses
  3. The do it yourself capabilities available to businesses to advertise make it attractive but also harder for non specialists to deliver results

This makes it much more difficult for businesses to be successful when advertising their products and services. With that in mind here are 5 simple ways you can attempt to boost conversions when advertising on social media. No matter what channel you use whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin the principles should be able to be applied to all.

Increase engagement on your page first

It’s a common mistake many businesses make when they decide to dip their toes into the social media advertising market and can affect your conversion results. Failing to increase engagement on your own page means that your credibility can be damaged by a prospective customer. Typically before a person clicks on your promoted link they will view your profile. If your page is incomplete or you haven’t posted anything to your social timeline in the past 6 months it’s unlikely that this person is going to view your business as a credible authority in the product or service you’re promoting. Focus on optimising your social media profile first. This includes:

  • Ensuring your page is completed, which includes contact details, profile photo and cover photo
  • Encourage your existing customers to post testimonials to your social profiles
  • Post content regularly and promote it to your audience or an audience that is interested
  • Run a simple follower growth campaign to increase your likes, followers and engaged users

All of these things will contribute weight to your advertising message and ensure that any person that clicks on your page prior to clicking on your ad will view your business as trustworthy.

Pin content similar to your ad to the top of your social timeline

As we mentioned above many people are simply going to click on your page before they click on the link you’re business is promoting. If they browse through your information and check out your posts it can be a regular occurrence where this person has no way to get back to the advertisement you were promoting. If you’re on Facebook & Twitter you can easily pin an important post to the top of your page. To double your reach you can also promote this post.

Make sure it is related to your ad and provides a simple way for people to find the link to the content you were promoting. It’s a simple way you can boost conversion rates on people who have just recently liked your page or clicked on your profile.

Get your ads professionally created and split test them

Your ads contribute to attracting potential customers, but they are critical in attracting the right type of customer. Segmenting your targeting to specific locations and demographics on social media is relatively simple, however crafting the perfect ad is a bit more difficult. Having an advertisement that speaks to your core audience and drives them to an action is a lot harder than it seems. Split testing ads and reviewing their performance becomes critical as you start to spend more and more on social advertising. Changing a word, phrase or image can change click through rates dramatically, which in turn will affect your overall conversion rates.

An easy way to understand how you can create perfect advertisements is to view your own social feeds and have a look at some of the ads targeted at you by larger brands and businesses. What speaks to you and how does it drive you towards an action? Think about how you can create a similar feel when crafting your ads and remember no advertisement is ever perfect. It can always be refined and improved.

Landing pages are key to your advertising strategy

Landing pages are so important to any advertising strategy and they become especially critical when promoting your business on social media. We touched on the overload of information that people are presented in this day in age and this is emphasised through social media. Once you get someone’s attention and they click on your ad the hard work starts to begin. You now need to convert that interest into an enquiry or sale.

Most of the time many businesses will simply link their ad to the homepage of their website, which most of the time has nothing to do with what was being promoted on social media. If you’re homepage doesn’t have a clear call to action or provide detailed information on what you were promoting it’s more than likely that you are going to lose interest very quickly once the visitor arrives.

A landing page on the other hand should be succinct, to the point and should drive the visitor to undertake an action to either enquire, buy or call. Make sure you include relevant information, provide value to the visitor and drive them to do something. Just like you split test ads you should do the same with your landing pages. Tweak text, form fields and calls to action over time and review the results with a view to improve your conversion rates.

Offer value with your social ads

The one thing we know about social media is that people are on there to be informed, educated and entertained. Dry, boring and stagnant advertising isn’t going to cut it these days and you need to think of innovative ways to differentiate yourself from the competitors. Think of going the long route to driving customers, engagement and sales. A couple of examples include:

  • Advertise an e-book download of valuable and useful information to your targeted audience. Drive a social ad to download a free guide and link it to your email marketing database for further re-marketing. If you provide value a customer will view you as credible and trustworthy. The likelihood they will engage with your products and services is likely to increase. Make sure you track conversions like downloads as a micro-conversion as it helps you understand your complete advertising statistics. A macro-conversion would be an enquiry or sale. Also, when a customer is downloading an e-book give them the opportunity to make an enquiry at the same time.
  • Run a webinar – deliver your informative content in a useful webinar for an interested in audience. As above you can collect e-mail address, build connections and increase your credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

We hope these simple tips will help you boost your conversions when advertising on social media. If you’re looking for expert help contact us at Whitecrow Digital to see how we can deliver crafted social media advertising plans for small, medium and large businesses.

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