It’s the holy grail isn’t it? A website that you like, people use and ultimately makes you money or brings more customers in the door. But how many people can actually achieve it? The odds aren’t really stacked in your favour as there are so many factors that make the difference between an okay website and a great one. So if you’re thinking about your new website or thinking about how you can improve your current one here are 7 things you should be looking at:

Mobile Friendly Design

Think about how many times you use your phone to look something up when you’re out on the run or browse while you’re bored. Those same people are searching for your products  or services and guess what, if you have a website that isn’t responsive on all screen sizes people are going to turn away and go somewhere else. You competitors are going to pick up those people that don’t have the time to zoom in with their fingers to read your tiny print! Quality design should always focus on mobile first and build out to more common and larger screen sizes. Given the rise of responsive design the days of having a separate mobile site for your business are long gone so don’t even think about going down this route. Still not convinced mobile is important. Here are some amazing stats on the rise of mobile usage and quick infographic showing how addicted we are to our phones:

Optimise For Local Search

Search engine optimisation is important and it is also a highly specialised industry that requires understanding and patience. If you are running your own business or looking to start a new venture you may quickly run out of patience as you wait for your do it yourself SEO to kick in. There are some things you can do though to get some quick wins. Focus on your local area and you will have much more success. Register your business for Google places, submit your business to local relevant directories like the business chamber in your area. A little kick up the but for your website locally will make the world of difference.

Speed Is Important

How long has your current website been on it’s current server and how many times in the last year have you actually visited it? Probably not many! Speed plays a huge part in converting visitors into potential or actual customers. People have zero tolerance and won’t wait around while your website loads. That potential customer will move on to your nearest competitor. Review the speed of your website using Pingdom or Page Speed Insights. Take a look at your website response times and pass some of the comments back to your web developer to see if they can improve your website.

Review Your Content

Even if your website is only a few years old you have probably changed a lot since then. Think about the message you are conveying with your content and copy and continually work on making it better. This will help you turn those visitors into customers. Don’t feel comfortable coming up with your own ways to describe how good you are? Outsource the writing of your copy through Freelancer, Odesk or Elance. There are millions of people itching to write about how amazing you are and all you have to do is throw it up on your website.

Start A Blog

Why is a blog so important? It’s an outlet for the business to connect with people who are interested in what they do. It’s the opportunity to build a community and extend your branding online into a new forum. It’s also great for SEO and is also another way to share interesting content on your social media platforms. Focus on creating content that is going to be useful for people who are searching for your business. For example if you’re a paint shop talk about what paints are currently on trend for all the renovators out there. Try not to sell too much but create information that people want to read and circulate with their friends.

As a professional seo company these 5 tips are a sure fire way to give your website that tune up that it may desperately need. As an owner of a business you need ways to keep your website fresh and running well as it’s the face for your business and usually the first place people get an impression of you. Don’t let it go to waste and incorporate a mobile friendly design, local search optimisation, website speed, amazing content and a fresh blog to improve your website today.

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