It’s one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks for any business that is undertaking a digital strategy. Content creation isn’t necessarily difficult, however creating content that creates links, social sharing and addresses a problem for your core audience is. First off there is so much content out there at the fingertips of people searching for information it makes it difficult to craft a piece of information that hits the mark. It’s even harder to do it on an ongoing basis. We’re big supporters of content as it gives you as a business an opportunity to disseminate your knowledge to your potential audience. The way you distribute your content is just as important as what you create, however you can’t publish or promote anything if you don’t put the time into creating it first.

If you browse Neil Patel’s blog you will get an understanding of just how much time he puts into crafting each piece of content he creates and the focus of addressing his audiences problems and solving it with what he writes. Not everyone has the time to write content as you are typically focusing on the day to day tasks of running your business. We hope these 5 quick tips will help save you some time and get you on your way to creating content that attracts, converts and helps your audience.

Creating Catchy Headlines

A headline is the hook that attracts people and gets them interested in reading your piece of content. Crafting a headline that addresses a need and drive visitor actions isn’t easy. It takes time to test, test and test again to find a strategy that works. A common theme that people use just like this article is to use a number and a hook. Here are a few examples:

  • 13 reasons why X widget perform better than Y widget
  • 7 skills you need to be a better salesperson
  • 14 ways you can grow your business without spending a fortune

You should try and keep your headlines simple & concise but try and use a number that isn’t generally used. For example people use three or four a lot of the time. Try and use 13 or as many as you possibly can. The more the better.

A great tool you can use is the Hubspot blog topic generator. You input some nouns that you would like to write about and it will spit out some headlines. This tool might get your creative juices flowing and enable you to think of a new topic or way of writing your article that may resonate with your audience.

Sourcing Visuals That Make An Impact

The best thing you can support your content with is images and video. There are several ways you can do this and all of it is free. Try and avoid taking images off Google or taking them off somebody else’s website. You may have issues with copyright and it’s always a better idea to have a library of your own images and visuals that you can utilise across a range of different channels to support your content promotion. Here is what we recommend you use:

  • Getty Images – Getty provide a service where you can embed images on your blog with the proper accreditation for the photographer and it’s free
  • Free stock image sites – examples such as picjumbo, flickr creative commons and unsplash are great resources to collect and use high quality images
  • Adobe stock – if you are looking to go professional and invest some resources into your blog you could use a service such as Adobe Stock

What About An Infographic?

Infographics are great pieces of content because they are great for:

  • Social sharing
  • Condensing information and giving visual impact
  • Creating links by allowing visitors to embed the infographic on their own website

Infographics sound good in theory, but they usually take a lot of time to create and do well. If you are really trying to generate some links and social shares it may be worth investing in a professional design for an infographic based on a piece of content you have created or are thinking of creating. The best tool you can use to create a cost effective infographic is Canva.

Canva is a tool that allows anyone to create graphics with a drop and drag do it yourself platform. You can turn your infographic around in a few hours as opposed to days and weeks and you can focus your efforts on promoting it.

What About A Copywriter?

The hardest part of content creation is making it a habit and getting in the routine of thinking up content ideas and then creating them. Using a headline creator you can get some ideas for potential pieces of information you want to create for your audience. We know that good content creation doesn’t necessarily mean just writing articles for your blog. It usually is the first step in the content creation process. From that first piece of content you can create videos, infographics and podcasts. One of the ways you can eliminate the routine problem of getting your content written is to use a copywriter. We would recommend using a copywriter to create a 500 word article that you can then use as the base to build a 750-1000 word piece of content for your blog. Starting from a base with good well written content will help you then add your knowledge and expertise and turn a good piece of content into a great one. There are many copywriting services online. You can find your own freelancer on something like Upwork or you can post content ideas directly to potential writers on a platform like Copify.

Create A Plan

The best thing you can do when thinking about creating content for your audience is developing a plan. This plan should include:

  • Content themes
  • Content titles and what problems you’re addressing
  • Call to action from content
  • Who is the content for
  • How you will distribute the content e.g. blog, email, social media
  • What other types of content could you create from this article – YouTube video, Infographic, Podcast

Invest time into the planning stage and you will be well on your way to creating killer content that is not only useful for your audience but should deliver real results for your business over time if you do it right. We’d love to hear what tools have helped you create content for your customers and potential customers.

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