As a business owner you are always on the lookout for ways to leverage your marketing dollar spends to increase the return for your business. Typically this return is in the form of more customers and increased sales. The world we live in today allows everyone to search for what they are looking for at the swipe of a finger and a click of a button. You’ve probably heard it a 1000 times about how SEO is important and you should be doing it. You know it’s important but there is a difference between realising it’s importance and making a serious investment to attempt to grow your traffic and potential customer base online. No matter what stage your business is in there are usually 4 reasons why you should invest in SEO.

Traditional marketing isn’t cutting through like it used to

Traditional marketing is a must have for every business and it becomes especially important depending on the market and industry you operate in. The trick is being able to blend your traditional & digital marketing into one seamless approach. Technology is changing, markets are moving faster then before and this means that your marketing approach should continually evolve. Many businesses have had to completely change their business model to remain relevant. The yellow pages is an example of a business that relied on traditional marketing as it’s service and has made a complete switch to the digital market.

What many businesses find is that they feel comfortable using traditional marketing even if there is no way to measure if it’s working. Sure you can run a billboard at a local gym or other establishment and you will get some brand visibility, but how do you measure your return on investment? It’s near impossible and it is a good reason to look at investing in something that allows you to measure your return on investment.

You want to reduce costs

It’s sounds silly right. How can spending more money actually help you reduce your costs. Search engine optimisation is a long term investment and as such you should view the return as long term as well. As your business starts to rank for more and more of the words that relate to your products and services the cost for you to acquire each customer will actually reduce over time. The reason being is that you are specifically targeting customers that are already motivated to potentially buy or use your service as they have done half the work and searched on Google for what they want. You can view it as snowball effect where depending on the type of business you are you could potentially cover the cost of your marketing spend via SEO by acquiring one customer. It will obviously be different for each industry but there is reason to be confident that if you have a digital marketing plan utilising SEO that you will see a greater return on investment over the long term than any other marketing activity you can undertake.

You want more customers

It’s simple. More and more people are searching for your business everyday online. If they can’t find you then it’s more than likely they will find one of your competitors. SEO like any other type of marketing activity is about volume, generating enquiries and squeezing the enquiries through the funnel to customers and sales. You should also know the lifetime value of your customer. How much repeat business do you get from that one customer and what is their value to you over the course of 12 months. The traditional ways of acquiring customers doesn’t allow you to adequately measure your cost vs return. With SEO you can get more customers and measure if the return outweighs the cost. You will find that as your visibility increases online you will begin generating organic enquiries and sales. This is where the design of your website and how you convert visitors comes into play.

You don’t want to spend time on it

SEO is time consuming for the business you employ to do it. For you as the business owner there is not much you really need to do. An effective SEO strategy like should always form part of your overall content marketing plan which includes regular blog updates on your own website, however most of the content you send to customers or use to advertise can be adapted to a blog that is useful to people who are searching for your products and services. It might take you 30 minutes a week to start running a blog that not only supports your SEO strategy, but delivers value to your customer base.

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