Social media is easy right? Throw up some posts on Facebook, send out some tweets on Twitter and put up some photos on instagram. How hard can it be? As a small or medium sized business owner I’m sure you’ve been there before. Your posts aren’t engaging with your followers, your follower base isn’t increasing and you are struggling to figure out why. Like everything online, social media is continuing to evolve and the way people consume information is continually changing. The things that might of worked a year ago may not work today. Rapid change occurs all the time and as a business it’s your job to continue to refine and change the way you use social media. Here are three ways you can be better on social media and improve your engagement and number of followers.

Know your platform, content and audience

A one size fits all approach doesn’t really work on social media anymore. With so many platforms and different ways to engage your audience you need a strategy that slightly changes depending on what social media channel you are using. This comes down to knowing the type of content that works and what the audience you are communicating with likes to see when they are browsing that social media channel. For example when people are browsing on Facebook research suggest that images provide more engagement then plain text posts. Videos are now the fastest growing post on Facebook. Think of simple ways you can use images & videos whenever you post something to Facebook. Twitter has become a lot more visual with research suggesting that people prefer to see images on tweets now as they tend to have a higher rate of engagement.

Adjust the type of content you produce in line with you audience and social media channel and your engagement and results will improve.

Create a tone, message and voice

You should create a consistent message through all your communication on social media. Just like verbal communication people will interpret who you are, what you represent and what your message is by the way your posts are written, structured and delivered. Develop a tone for your business which is aligned to your branding and how your traditional advertising is delivered. For example you may want to be fun & interesting, informative, professional or excited and happy. Keep your message consistent so you don’t confuse your followers. Creating a consistent message will mean that your followers will know what to expect from your posts and they will be more engaged when they come through.

Be smart and use some useful tools

There are a few ways you can be smart with social media and here are some useful tools and tips which should follow:

Stop promoting yourself – People don’t want to continually hear about you and how good you are. They are on social media to read interesting information, engage with people, relax and have fun. Promotion is essential part of social media, however it will have more impact if you do it subtly.

Leverage hashtags – Hashtags are there for a reason so use them. They help people find your posts and it is simple way to increase engagement and boost your followers.

Be engaged on social media – Share other peoples content, like posts, retweet interesting tweets, comment and become a part of the social media community. People will become more engaged with you as a result and you will find that people will follow you and interact with your posts.

Schedule your posts – Use Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your social media posts, get in depth analytics and work on ways to improve your performance on social media

Have you got any tips? Comment below with your thoughts.

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